Abscessed Tooth: What You Need to Know

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What is an Abscessed Tooth?

For many people, an aching tooth is taken very lightly thinking it to be tooth sensitivity. They try a simple remedy of having a few pain relievers and hoping that the pain will subside. But a toothache may not be only tooth sensitivity but can be something more than that. It could also be a symptom of a tooth cavity. It is very important not to ignore a serious problem and get it treated through best dental care to avoid the development of other serious problems. One of the examples of this condition is an abscessed tooth.

When a bacterial infection causes a pocket of pus, it is called an abscessed tooth. Not treating the cavity can cause the formation of an abscess in the pulp of the mouth causes the tooth to become infected. The multiplication of bacteria leads to the spreading of infection. In case the formation of abscess takes place in the gums which are by the side of the tooth’s root it is known as a periodontal abscess. If the abscess is formed on the root’s tip it is known as a periapical abscess.

Abscessed Tooth

What are the different types?

The different types of dental abscesses depend on location.

The three most common types are:

  • Periapical abscess. This is an abscess at the tip of a tooth’s root.
  • Periodontal abscess. This is an abscess on the gum next to the root of a tooth. It might also spread to the surrounding tissue and bone.
  • Gingival abscess. This is an abscess on the gums.

What are the symptoms?

The development of a tooth abscess is at a higher risk of poor dental hygiene is followed along with a diet that has a high level of sugar content. A tooth abscess can lead to other severe complications which require instant relief. Best dentist in Houston should be consulted in case you notice these symptoms.

  • Swelling in the cheek or face
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Fever
  • Throbbing headache
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Sensitive teeth

In case you have swelling and have trouble in proper breathing along with fever, it is advised to see a dentist immediately. These symptoms could be due to an infection that might be spreading to other parts of the body or other tissues.

Treatment for an abscessed tooth

In case a dental cavity is identified at an early stage, it can be rectified at dental clinics of Texas without the requirement of extracting a tooth. But in case an abscess has already been formed below are some of the treatment options that you can explore.


Antibiotics will be prescribed by the dentist in case the other parts of the mouth have also been infected. In case your immune system is not strong, the dentist will also advise a few medications.

Abscess Draining

If the abscess has not ruptured and opened, the dentist will open it and also take it out. This will be done by the dentist with the help of a minute cut in the pocket to allow the puss to come out. After this, the dentist will clean the area with saline. In a few instances, the dentist will place a rubber drain on the area which has been affected to allow it to remain open for the pus to drain out as the swelling becomes lesser.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is done when there are no chances of saving the tooth and the infection can also spread. You can take suggestions from your dentist for dental implants which can be fixed for replacing the tooth which has been extracted and also to prevent gaps from forming in the teeth.

Root Canal

A root canal can also be advised by the dentist. in this procedure, the infection will be treated and prevent the requirement of extracting the tooth which has been affected. In this process, drilling is done into the tooth and the pulp which has been affected is removed and also the abscess is drained. After this, the pulp chamber of the tooth is filled and sealed as it is done in the procedure of the dental filling. A crown can also be used or fixed to cap the tooth and also make it strong.

Best dental services in Houston

In case the pain in your teeth keeps occurring, again and again, it is advised to consult the dentist as soon as possible. Detecting an infection at an early stage and treating dental problems can help in preventing other conditions that are severe such as an abscessed tooth.

The dedicated staff at the smilebest dental Houston is always willing to help you with all your dental requirements. They will ensure that you are given the best possible treatment and do not feel any kind of discomfort while the treatment is going on.

Dental problems are very common among people and one can prevent surgery in case the problem is detected early and a dentist is consulted at the earliest instead of trying home remedies. Self-medication will only help in providing temporary relief which can aggravate into something more serious.

So, it is advisable to visit the best dentist in Houston TX, and let him see your condition and advise the best possible treatment from the options listed above that will help you get better.


An abscessed tooth should clear up within a few days of treatment. Even if it seems to drain on its own, it’s important to follow up with your dentist to make sure the infection doesn’t spread to another area.

You can reduce your risk of an abscessed tooth by practicing good oral hygiene and having regular dental checkups every six months.


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