Gain Natural and Exceptional Looking Teeth with Lumineers

April 12, 2017 0

Lumineers are an excellent way to quickly and painlessly achieve a brilliant smile. They are not to be confused with traditional veneers, which are thicker and more opaque. Veneers also require your original tooth structure to be grinded down in order to be accurately and permanently cemented to your tooth. Lumineers are ultra thin and simply placed over existing teeth, no grinding necessary!

Do My Teeth Look Fake?

One major concern most people have when they become interested in getting Lumineers is how fake their teeth will appear after the procedure. This can be avoided by having a dentist or dental technician who has received formal cosmetic dental training. Although cosmetic dentistry is not accepted or recognized as a specialty by the American Dental Association, it does help significantly when finding the right dentist to address your needs.

Do Your Research.

Knowing what comes into play to have a successful procedure is extremely necessary before locking into any choice. This way you will know what to look for during your consultation. Many factors must be considered and determined by your dentist before you get your new smile. Things like the shape, shade, and contouring of gums are some among many. Ensuring that they also match the existing teeth in color and texture are also very crucial for having a natural look. Another good measure to take when searching for the perfect dentist is looking at unretouched before and after photos. Try to find people with similar issues that you have and examine their results closely and honestly. Additionally, reading reviews of their work will help you to get a better feel for your candidate. Are people writing rave reviews of his/her detailed and dedicated work or are they unsure of how they feel about the results or even worse unhappy with them? This is vital information to find when researching and reviewing your potential cosmetic dentist.

All in all, your ideal smile is achievable through getting lumineers. It will take an experienced and dedicated practitioner that understands how to apply them for your specific face, teeth, and needs. But with the right dentist, proper research and thorough consultations a natural look will and can be easily attainable.

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