Is Your Smile Ready for Thanksgiving Turkey?

November 16, 2018 0

If you’re like many families, chances are it’s been a year since you last saw many of your relatives, at the annual Thanksgiving feast. Just as you will want to wear nice clothing to the holiday celebration this November to look your best, you will also want to make sure that your smile is in great shape too. This is why so many of our patients make sure to have their teeth cleaned before visiting family for Thanksgiving.

Imagine the reaction you might get after hugging and kissing your relatives when your teeth aren’t looking their best. Or, consider that people will notice your unsightly teeth when eating and having conversations around the dinner table.

And consider the fact that since Thanksgiving is a time of welcoming others into our homes, you may very well meet some new neighbors or friends, and you’ll want to make a good impression on them. What’s more, Thanksgiving day pictures will get posted on your relatives’ social media pages, so images of your not-so-perfect teeth will be there online for all to see.

When your teeth are nice and clean, you’ll be more inclined to smile in front of family and friends. Individuals whose teeth have not been cleaned lately will sometimes try to avoid smiling, and that’s a shame. Smiles are contagious, and the world can always use more smiles, after all! Keep in mind that you can have greater confidence in your smile at the big turkey get-together by first visiting your dentist for a proper cleaning.

How Long Has it Been Since Your Last Teeth Cleaning? Schedule an Appointment Today!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so if you are hoping to have your teeth professionally cleaned before the holiday, now would be a good time to arrange for an appointment. For details, please connect with the team at A Dental Care today.

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