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Oral health and hygiene are very important and a necessity for our complete health. Smilebest dental Houston suggests that not following proper oral hygiene can lead to many dental problems, tooth diseases, and cavities which not only have an adverse effect on our mouth but can also affect the heart, lead to cancer, and/or diabetes.

It is important to commit to teeth maintenance as early as possible and regularly. Best dental care and Proper habits of oral hygiene include brushing two times a day, flossing, and using a mouth wash after every meal. This will not only help you keep your teeth healthy, but also help you in avoiding costly dental treatments and tooth diseases.

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there are several oral health problems in adults. Such as-

  • Untreated tooth decay trouble more than 1 in 4 (26%) adults in the United States.
  • Nearly half (46%) of all adults aged 30 years or older show signs of gum disease; severe gum disease affects about 9% of adults.
  • Oral cancers are more prevalent in older adults, particularly in people aged more than 55 years who smoke and drink a lot.
  • Complete tooth loss among adults aged 65-74 years although steadily declining but still among the most common dental problems.

Let us now discuss the common dental problems and tooth diseases that people face.


Toothache is a fairly common problem that many people face and results from the food stuck in the mouth or any other reason. In case you notice that there is a swelling around the tooth or concur a feeling of puss, this may be a sign of an abscess which can become a more severe problem if not treated.

Make sure that you fix an appointment with the best dentist in Houston as early as possible for him to relieve you of the pain and guide you further. There may also be a need for you to take anti-biotic and/or other treatments. Till the time you wait for the doctor and the pain doesn’t seem to get less, try rinsing your mouth with some warm salt water and some pain-relieving medicine.


The teeth can get discolored due to several reasons such as tobacco, medications, certain food, and trauma. These stains can be removed and whitened again by either using a whitening agent by your dentist or a special light can be used by the doctor.

Another way of removing the stains is by bleaching them with a gel which can be obtained from a store or from your dentist and can also be done at home.

Using whitening rinses and a toothpaste that whitens can only help in removing the stains on the surface of the teeth.

Chipped Tooth

This is a very common dental injury that can happen to people of all ages. A chip can be caused by an accident or even by something as ordinary as eating popcorn. In case you have a large chip, the dentist can suggest a crown, or also the area that has also been chipped can be replaced with a resin material that is strong. A root canal may also be followed by a crown or a veneer could be required if the risk involves the pulp. It requires the best dental services.


Cavities are formed when the hard outer shell of the teeth which is known as the enamel is destroyed by the building of plaque which is a sticky kind of bacteria. Problems such as tooth decay around the edges of fillings that have been done earlier or at the gum line can be faced by adults.

These can be avoided by using preventive measures such as reducing snacks, brushing the teeth every morning and at night with a toothpaste having fluoride, flossing every day, and rinsing the mouth regularly using a fluoride mouth wash. It is also important to visit the best dentist in Houston TX regularly.

tooth diseases

Impacted Tooth

A tooth that does not come in properly in adults is known as an impacted tooth. The reasons for this are when a tooth is stuck against soft tissue, bone, or another tooth. The dentist may advise you to leave it as it is in case it is not troubling. In case the impacted tooth is hurting or leads to future problems, it can be removed by a dental surgeon.

Sensitive Teeth

The teeth of many people are sensitive to very cold things such as ice cream or chilled drinks. The moment they take a sip or a bite our teeth are hit by the cold making us wince. The first thing to do in such cases is to try and find out the reason for it.

Sensitivity can be due to gum disease, cavities, worn tooth feelings or enamel, exposed roots, or fractured teeth. After the dentist has located the cause he might suggest a filling, a root canal, or replacing the lost tissue at the root with a gum treatment. The dental offices in Houston may also suggest a fluoride gel or a desensitizing strip or toothpaste.

These are some of the common dental problems that many people face. Many of us may face tooth problems of one kind or the other at different stages of our life.  It is always advisable to fix an appointment with the best Houston dentist and get the problem rectified at its initial stage rather than waiting for it to become severe.

Gum diseases affect a majority of the global population but are not taken seriously as dental health is still in the nascent stages. Most of the people affected by dental diseases don’t visit their dentist for a consultation or treatment which causes severe problems in later stages of life. This trend needs to change and it will start with people being well-read about dental problems, their causes and symptoms, and the best dental services.

The worrisome part is that periodontal disease gets severe with age. This is proved right by the data provided by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) which states that 70.1% of adults 65 years and older have periodontal disease. Another staggering data by CDC reveals that 47.2% of adults aged 30 years and older have some form of periodontal disease.

Smilebest dental Houston lists some of the most common gum diseases with their causes, symptoms, and remedies.

gum disease


A mild form and one of the most common gum diseases, gingivitis is an inflammatory disease that causes redness, irritation, and inflammation of the gum around the teeth base. While gingivitis itself is a mild disease, if not taken care of, it can lead to more serious forms of gum disease and even the loss of teeth.

Gingivitis can be attributed to poor oral hygiene and it can be avoided by brushing your teeth at least twice daily along with flossing. Gingivitis happens due to the formation of plaque on your teeth that turns into tartar where bacteria can flourish. Once plaque has formed into tartar, it becomes difficult to remove the plaque. If not removed early, the bacteria start causing irritation to the gingiva which results in inflammation of the gums.

The symptoms of gingivitis include gum bleeding while flossing or brushing, receding gums, swollen gums, tender gums, dark red gums, and bad breath.

Chronic Periodontitis

Chronic Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease that is a severe gum infection that causes a lot of damage to the alveolar bone and periodontal connective tissues.

When dental plaque gets accumulated in large quantities, it results in chronic periodontitis. The most prevalent symptoms are bad breath, bleeding gums, pus between the teeth and gums, gums that are puffy or swollen, and bright red or purple which feels tender when they are touched.

The treatment for chronic periodontitis includes removing the deposits of bacteria and calculus from the subgingival environment using hand instruments or devices that are ultrasonic which can be used non-surgically or surgically.

Periodontal Abscess

Periodontal Abscess

A periodontal abscess occurs when the pocket of the puss develops in the gum tissues. This disease resembles a small ball that seems to be coming out of the gum which is swollen.

When there is a bacterium that causes infection between the gums and teeth. It is also caused when the plaque is not removed by flossing and brushing regularly. This can cause an infection or an abscess. Some of the symptoms are fever, severe and continuous pain in the area that has been affected, puss discharge, a loose tooth, pain while chewing, and sensitivity to cold or hot beverages.

The gum abscess is treated by draining it to remove any kind of debris in the periodontal pocket. Root planning or scaling may also be suggested by the Houston dentist which helps in removing tartar or plaque from beneath and above the gum line.

Perio-endo Lesion

Perio-endo lesion is a localized condition that can be attributed to bacterial infection caused by dental pulp, or periodontal tissues surrounding the tooth, or a combination of both. It takes the form of abscesses where the infection proliferates into the root canal of the tooth via the accessory canals.

The best treatment for perio-endo lesions is to undergo conventional endodontic therapy and should be followed by conventional periodontal therapy. In the event of the lesion becoming too severe for a treatment procedure, the only option that remains is the extraction of the affected tooth.

Gingival Recession

A gingival recession occurs when the tooth’s roots neck gets exposed due to severe or hard brushing, periodontitis, or other factors. This causes gingival tissue to recede. The main causes of gum recession are periodontal gum disease which causes the weakening of gums making them recede.

Another cause is genetics, people having thinner gums are prone to gum recession very easily. Tooth eruption is yet another reason. When a tooth comes outside of its bony housing which helps in protecting its root, the root can be exposed.

Gum recession in the milder stages can be treated by the process of deep cleaning of the area which has been affected. This is also known as root plaining or tooth scaling. In case the recession is too severe which cannot be cured by deep cleaning, the dentist will advise gum surgery for damage repairs.


As seen above, gum diseases need to be taken seriously instead of just delaying the visit to your dentist. If taken care of in time, gum diseases can be treated. Otherwise, it becomes too late and becomes severe, also causing additional complications. It is best to keep your oral hygiene in good shape and have regular visits to your dentist for the best dental care to ensure good oral health.

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A dazzling smile can be ruined if your teeth are decayed, discolored, pitted, or chipped. There is no need to be worried about your smile as best dentist in Houston suggests dental bonding is the ideal solution that is both affordable as well as effective.

During the process of bonding, the imperfections in the tooth like yellowing, gaps, pitting, or minor chips are concealed with the application of a tooth-colored resin. Along with protecting the route of your tooth which has been exposed by gums that are receding and filling cavities, dental bonding is also used for cosmetic purposes. This process is not very complicated. The process of dental bonding can be done at Houston dental clinic without the use of anesthesia. The entire process takes about an hour to complete and anesthesia is only given in case a tooth that has been decayed needs to be repaired.

dental bonding

Process of dental bonding

The dentist will concern a guide that has different shades of teeth and decide upon a composite raisin that will match closely with your tooth’s color. After this, the tooth’s surface is coarsened and the dentist applies a liquid for conditioning. This ensures that the bonding material adheres to the tooth.

After this, the application of raisin is done, it is molded and the shape that is preferred is created. Then a laser or ultraviolet light is used by the dentist to make the raisin hard after which the raisin is trimmed and shaped to make it look natural.

In the end, polishing of the dental bonding is done to make it match the surface of the other part of the tooth.

Porcelain Veneers

Something about porcelain Veneers

It may have occurred to you, how are porcelain veneers different from dental bonding even though they help in restoring the same way as dental bonding. Dental bonding is a faster, less complicated process that is also not very expensive. In comparison to this, a veneer is a layer of thin material that is created in the laboratory and customized. It protects the damaged surface of the tooth and also helps in improving its appearance.

A veneer lasts for a much longer time than dental bonding but, the procedure of dental bonding does not require the removal of the enamel of the tooth before it is placed. Dental bonding has just one drawback which is that the material which is used for the procedure or the process is less strong as compared to the original teeth or porcelain veneers.

The requirement for replacing dental bonding is can be thereafter some years due to eating sticky foods or biting hard items. It is important to visit the best dentist in Houston TX who will be able to decide in case the teeth are required dental bonding or a more invasive process is required.

Maintenance of Dental bonding

In case a person has had dental bonding, the same kind of good oral hygiene is required to be followed as which is done with the natural teeth. This includes brushing of teeth two times a day followed by flossing. It is also recommended to get best dental services routinely to enable the dentist to maintain a record of the dental bonds.

Eating hard foods like ice, hard candy, and more as well as avoiding using the teeth as tools for chewing on pens, using your teeth as bottle openers, or biting fingernails to avoid the chipping of teeth. In case a bonded tooth gets chipped, the dentist should be immediately consulted who will rectify the problem.

Best dental care in Houston

Smilebest dental Houston have a specialization in family dentistry and all the aspects related to it which include the diagnosis and treatment of dental conditions as well as treating any kind of imperfections in the teeth.

A dedicated team of dentists will help you in deciding if dental bonding for your dental problem. They will ensure that your smile is perfect with the promise of providing you the best oral health which is lifelong.

Dental problems are a common occurrence among people of all age groups and are very important to consult a dentist at the slightest feeling of pain and discomfort. Any kind of delay in visiting the dentist can lead to more severe dental issues. It is also not advisable to take pain killers or any kind of self-medication which can have adverse effects.

Best dentist in Houston is the right professional to examine and diagnose the problem and then recommend the correct treatment. Hence, it is important to discuss with the dentist before choosing between dental bonding and porcelain veneers to treat your condition. It is also advisable to get regular dental checkups along with following good oral hygiene for a healthy and dazzling smile which will help in boosting your confidence.

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What is an Abscessed Tooth?

For many people, an aching tooth is taken very lightly thinking it to be tooth sensitivity. They try a simple remedy of having a few pain relievers and hoping that the pain will subside. But a toothache may not be only tooth sensitivity but can be something more than that. It could also be a symptom of a tooth cavity. It is very important not to ignore a serious problem and get it treated through best dental care to avoid the development of other serious problems. One of the examples of this condition is an abscessed tooth.

When a bacterial infection causes a pocket of pus, it is called an abscessed tooth. Not treating the cavity can cause the formation of an abscess in the pulp of the mouth causes the tooth to become infected. The multiplication of bacteria leads to the spreading of infection. In case the formation of abscess takes place in the gums which are by the side of the tooth’s root it is known as a periodontal abscess. If the abscess is formed on the root’s tip it is known as a periapical abscess.

Abscessed Tooth

What are the different types?

The different types of dental abscesses depend on location.

The three most common types are:

  • Periapical abscess. This is an abscess at the tip of a tooth’s root.
  • Periodontal abscess. This is an abscess on the gum next to the root of a tooth. It might also spread to the surrounding tissue and bone.
  • Gingival abscess. This is an abscess on the gums.

What are the symptoms?

The development of a tooth abscess is at a higher risk of poor dental hygiene is followed along with a diet that has a high level of sugar content. A tooth abscess can lead to other severe complications which require instant relief. Best dentist in Houston should be consulted in case you notice these symptoms.

  • Swelling in the cheek or face
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Fever
  • Throbbing headache
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Sensitive teeth

In case you have swelling and have trouble in proper breathing along with fever, it is advised to see a dentist immediately. These symptoms could be due to an infection that might be spreading to other parts of the body or other tissues.

Treatment for an abscessed tooth

In case a dental cavity is identified at an early stage, it can be rectified at dental clinics of Texas without the requirement of extracting a tooth. But in case an abscess has already been formed below are some of the treatment options that you can explore.


Antibiotics will be prescribed by the dentist in case the other parts of the mouth have also been infected. In case your immune system is not strong, the dentist will also advise a few medications.

Abscess Draining

If the abscess has not ruptured and opened, the dentist will open it and also take it out. This will be done by the dentist with the help of a minute cut in the pocket to allow the puss to come out. After this, the dentist will clean the area with saline. In a few instances, the dentist will place a rubber drain on the area which has been affected to allow it to remain open for the pus to drain out as the swelling becomes lesser.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is done when there are no chances of saving the tooth and the infection can also spread. You can take suggestions from your dentist for dental implants which can be fixed for replacing the tooth which has been extracted and also to prevent gaps from forming in the teeth.

Root Canal

A root canal can also be advised by the dentist. in this procedure, the infection will be treated and prevent the requirement of extracting the tooth which has been affected. In this process, drilling is done into the tooth and the pulp which has been affected is removed and also the abscess is drained. After this, the pulp chamber of the tooth is filled and sealed as it is done in the procedure of the dental filling. A crown can also be used or fixed to cap the tooth and also make it strong.

Best dental services in Houston

In case the pain in your teeth keeps occurring, again and again, it is advised to consult the dentist as soon as possible. Detecting an infection at an early stage and treating dental problems can help in preventing other conditions that are severe such as an abscessed tooth.

The dedicated staff at the smilebest dental Houston is always willing to help you with all your dental requirements. They will ensure that you are given the best possible treatment and do not feel any kind of discomfort while the treatment is going on.

Dental problems are very common among people and one can prevent surgery in case the problem is detected early and a dentist is consulted at the earliest instead of trying home remedies. Self-medication will only help in providing temporary relief which can aggravate into something more serious.

So, it is advisable to visit the best dentist in Houston TX, and let him see your condition and advise the best possible treatment from the options listed above that will help you get better.


An abscessed tooth should clear up within a few days of treatment. Even if it seems to drain on its own, it’s important to follow up with your dentist to make sure the infection doesn’t spread to another area.

You can reduce your risk of an abscessed tooth by practicing good oral hygiene and having regular dental checkups every six months.


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The best makeup that one can wear is a bright smile as it instantly brings a glow to your face and exudes a positive personality. When you smile, the attention is immediately drawn to your teeth. If your teeth are discolored, crooked, or missing you may face inhibitions or embarrassment while smiling. Fortunately, Houston dentists can treat it.

To give you a perfect smile best dentist in Houston TX is here to guide you. They help in bringing out the dazzling smile by fixing all your dental flaws and highlighting your natural beauty as well as confidence. Cosmetic dentists have the training and expertise for making your smile more aesthetic. A wide range of dental services such as replacing broken teeth, correcting cracked or chipped teeth, and whitening yellowed or stained teeth are offered by cosmetic dentists. Best dental services also include tooth-colored fillings that are natural for creating an even row of teeth.

Let’s discuss the benefits of going to a cosmetic dentist.

cosmetic dentistry

Correction of dental issues

There are many dental problems that are not nearly aesthetic and can have other effects. For instance, if you have any teeth missing along with impacting a person’s smile it also impacts their speech and eating habits. Your choice of food also becomes restricted as you are unable to chew and bite certain foods. These problems can be handled by cosmetic dentistry along with catering to the aesthetic requirements.

Confidence enhancement

A visit to the best dentist in Houston can boost a person’s self-confidence. The self-esteem of a person can be lowered by teeth that are missing, crooked, or discolored. These problems can be rectified by a cosmetic dentist who is highly experienced in restoring a person’s confidence and enhancing his smile.

Other dental care

Cosmetic dentists have a wide experience and expertise in taking care of other dental problems as well. For instance, they can help in treating cavities and gum disease. You can also be helped in following a good dental routine with their guidance. They do not limit their services only to cosmetic treatment but also help in ensuring that your smile remains the beautiful one for a lifetime.

Improved oral hygiene

Having a good set of teeth makes it very easy to clean and maintain. They can be cleaned very easily with a toothbrush and you need not have any worries about the building up of plaque or bacteria. But, if you have gaps or missing teeth, this can provide a lot of spaces for the bacteria as well as a plaque to thrive which may lead to infections along with other oral health issues.

healthy smile

Smile restoration

A lot of people postpone or avoid getting any kind of dental work done as they are apprehensive about the severe pain it may cause; the amount of expenditure involved and are not absolutely convinced about positive results. They are worried about the physical appearance of their mouth. This is a false belief as cosmetic dentists work towards giving others a smile that is natural that also enhances their physical appearance making them look younger.

Avoid Future problems

Gaps in the teeth or missing or chipped tooth is not painful right now but can cause cavities in the future. Once these are rectified before they become painful, it helps in giving you a smiling and cheerful personality. This can also be a key to your future success and help you in becoming an extrovert personality.

Cosmetic dentistry is not only restricted to improving physical appearance. It also has a great impact on many aspects. A smile is a reflection of our personality. A cosmetic dentist offers many services which can keep your mouth clean, healthy, and attractive helping to enhance your smile as well as give better dental health. They use the most sophisticated technology and cosmetic procedure which help in reassuring the patient about the entire process being painless.

Seeing a cosmetic dentist at smilebest dental Houston also helps in providing relief from chronic headaches. Getting a treatment done from a cosmetic dentist also helps in fixing the problem of bad breath as it prevents the bacteria and plaque from forming in the mouth which further helps in protection from gum disease and tooth decay.

Another factor that distinguishes cosmetic dentists from others is the vast number of technologies that they are well versed in and use in their clinics. This puts you at the advantage of having multiple options for yourself. Even when it comes to fillings in the tooth, a cosmetic dentist is at the liberty of giving you two to three options that allows you to decide the best one for yourself depending on the appearance, cost, and function.

Their advanced knowledge and better training and enhanced education make them a better fit when it comes to handling your smile along with all the added benefits mentioned above.

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Most people get affected by mouth sores at some stage in their life. Sores in the mouth are very common among people and you need not worry as they can be cured through the best dental care. You can develop sores anywhere in the mouth. The places may include the lips, tongue, roof, and floor of the mouth, gums, and cheeks. The esophagus can also develop sores.

Mouth sores such as canker sores may last for a fortnight or less. These may cause very little irritation. But there are some instances where these mouth sores are a sign of mouth cancer or herpes simplex which is a viral infection. The best dentist in Houston can help you treat them.

Types of Mouth Sores

Mouth sores can be of many types and have many varied effects. Below are some of the types to help you understand.

  • Cold sores may occur in areas near the lips and mouth in the form of blisters which are painful, red, and filled with fluid.
  • Gingivomatitis is commonly seen in the gums and mouths of children.
  • Infectious Mononucleosis is a common mouth sore seen in youngsters, especially school and college crowd.
  • Canker sores are mild sores that are generally harmless and heal within a few weeks.
  • Oral Lichen Planus is another type of mouth sore that is an inflammatory disorder that affects the tongue, lips, gums, and cheeks and can cause bleeding and pain while brushing and eating.


Some of the common symptoms of mouth sores are

  • Tingling and burning sensation in the affected area.
  • Pain while drinking or eating
  • Difficulty in talking, breathing, eating, swallowing, or drinking
  • Rashes
  • Diarrhea
  • Pain in the joints
  • Fever

Causes of Mouth Sores

According to Dental Clinics of Texas, mouth sores can be caused due to many reasons such as brushing the teeth very hard, use of a harsh toothbrush, tobacco chewing, mouth burns, biting of the lip, cheek, or tongue, and being affected by the herpes simplex virus.

Canker sores can be caused by hormonal changes, deficiency of vitamin b12 and folate. Stress and illness that leads to the immune system becoming weak, issues related to the intestines like irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease.

Mouth sores can also be caused by oral thrush, Gingivomatitis, hand, foot, and mouth disease, autoimmune disorders, bleeding disorders, cancers, radiation, chemotherapy, infectious mononucleosis, celiac disease, aids, organ transplant that has been done recently, a viral, bacterial or fungal infection.

Diagnosis of Mouth Sores

Some mouth sores can be diagnosed easily whereas there are some instances when it is advisable to consult experts at smilebest dental Houston.

  • If you notice sores or white patches, have sores that are stubborn or tend to become more severe, or
  • If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, or
  • If you are suffering from herpes simplex or any other infection, or
  • If you have undergone a transplant recently

Houston dentist will make a thorough examination of the tongue and lips. In case there is any suspicion of cancer, a biopsy may be performed along with a few tests.

Treatment of Mouth Sores

Mouth sores which are minor heal on their own within a fortnight or take a few more weeks. There are a few measures that can be taken for relieving the pain and also speed up the healing process and helping in faster healing.

Gargling with salt water, refraining from foods that are spicy, hot, salty, and citrus in nature, and having high sugar content. Having cold foods such as popsicles, soft drinks, and more. Avoiding alcohol and tobacco, taking a pain killer, applying a thin paste of water and baking soda, dabbing with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water, avoiding touching or squeezing the blisters or sores will help to heal faster.

Prevention of Mouth Sores

Mouth sores can be prevented by eating a balanced diet, avoiding foods and drinks which are very hot, avoiding spicy food, chewing slowly, using a soft toothbrush, decreasing stress, following regular oral hygiene, drinking a lot of water, taking supplements of vitamin B, and using a lip balm with SPF 15 can help in preventing mouth sores. Mouth sores generally do not have any long-term effects. The sores can reappear if you are suffering from herpes simplex or are not maintaining proper oral health.

There may be some instances where scarring after the sores are recovered. There may be some common outbreaks if you have been exposed to the sun a lot, are undergoing stress, have a weak immune system, or are suffering from some illness. Sores in the mouth are very common among people and can be prevented by taking a few precautions as well as following regular and proper oral hygiene.

Hope this article answers all your questions concerning mouth sores, their symptoms and how to treat them, and most importantly how to prevent them from disturbing your life. Visit the Houston dental clinic for the best treatment of mouth sores.

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An excruciating pain can be the result of a cracked or broken tooth. The pulpy portion inside the tooth can get exposed if the tooth enamel breaks. The inner pulp of the tooth has the nerves, blood vessels, as well as connective tissues in it, and any kind of infection or inflammation can cause severe pain. Our teeth can get cracked or broken due to several reasons and this can be very painful.

Smilebest dental Houston shares remedial measures for managing the pain from cracked or broken teeth as well as the various kinds of treatments that can be done.

cracked teeth

Below are some of the treatments and remedial measures for managing the pain from cracked or broken teeth.

First Aid

As soon as you notice that your tooth is cracked or has been broken, you must immediately visit your Houston dentist. The dentist will then make an assessment of the amount of damage that has been done to the tooth and share the treatment options before it gets worse. The pain is experienced maybe because of the dentin layer of the tooth which could have got exposed. The dentin layer is situated beneath the enamel of the tooth surrounding the pulp.

Below are a few things that you must do as soon as your tooth gets chipped, cracked, or broken

  • Any broken piece which you notice has fallen on the ground should be collected and taken to the best dentist in Houston TX. This will help the dentist to come to a conclusion whether the broken piece was a part of the tooth enamel or a previous filling. Even though it may not be able to get re-attached.
  • In case you notice any kind of pain or bleeding, the best thing to do is to take some clean gauze and bite on it gently to control the bleeding. Even though you may not feel any pain, it is always advisable to consult your dentist on the phone for scheduling a visit to assess the amount of damage.

While waiting for the dentist to examine your broken tooth, you should refrain from doing the following

  • Avoid eating hard foods such as nuts and more as these can cause more damage. In case there is only a crack in the tooth, chewing anything must be avoided till the dentist has assessed it.
  • Avoid consuming foods and beverages which are very cold or very hot as they may increase the pain.
  • Stay away from foods and drinks that have a high sugar content as these may cause a lot of irritation to the inner part of the tooth which has been exposed.
  • Certain acidic foods such as tomatoes, citrus foods, vinegar and more can cause a lot of discomforts.

broken teeth treatment

Temporary Relief

You can always some pain relief medicines till the time the doctor arrives. However, taking aspirin must be avoided as it can slow the process of healing.

Soaking a cotton swab in clove oil and holding it against the damaged tooth will provide immediate relief. Make sure that you do not swallow the oil.

Rinsing the mouth thrice a day with warm water and a little salt will help in removing the bacteria from the area of the mouth that has been infected.


Your dentist will examine the affected area and determine the kind of treatment to be followed which will be based on whether the teeth are milk or permanent, the developmental stage of the tooth, and the cause of injury.

In severe cases, a root canal may be advised by the dentist.

Preventive Measures

Once you have experienced and the discomfort of a cracked or broken tooth and the treatment following it, you would want to take preventive measures for it to reoccur. Below are a few causes that are common for teeth to get cracked or broken and must be avoided for further injuries.

  • Grinding or clenching of teeth
  • Biting into foods that are hard or chewing them
  • Biting on objects which are hard such as a pencil, pen, etc.
  • Fillings or crowns which have been done earlier and are now in the process of separating from the structure of the tooth
  • Any kind of trauma which has been caused to the mouth or face

When a tooth breaks or gets cracked, the person enduring it suffers great pain. The above remedies at different stages will surely help you manage the pain and get instant relief till the time you visit your dentist.

The best dentist in Houston is the best specialist to help you with the pain and give you the correct treatment depending on your dental history and oral health. So, make sure that you share all the required information with your dentist and get the remedial procedure done to get back in the best dental health, and smile as soon as possible.

For instant relief, do follow the above steps.

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The moment one is advised a root canal by the best dentist in Houston TX there are strong visions of extreme pain and discomfort. Several people find reasons and excuses to postpone their root canal and some even wait till it becomes absolutely necessary.

A root canal is a very common dental procedure that is done by dentists just like any other dental treatment. There are many myths related to root canal treatment that prevent them from going to the dentist. Most of these misconceptions are baseless and need to be cleared to people so that they can go ahead with a root canal treatment without any inhibitions. It is important to know whether there is any truth in these myths or is just by hearsay.

Below are some common myths about root canals and let us see if there is any reality in them as we debunk them one by one.

root canal

Root Canal Treatment Cost

One of the first myths that most people have is that getting a root canal will empty their pockets. This is not entirely true as the cost for the treatment depends upon where your tooth is located and also the crown that will be placed.

Another aspect that will determine the total cost of getting a root canal done will depend on your insurance policy.

Root Canal Treatment Pain Levels

Most people believe that getting a root canal treatment can be very painful. On the contrary, it is not painful as local anesthesia is given so that the area where the procedure is going to be done will become dumb. This prevents you from experiencing any kind of sensation or pain in the mouth.

Antibiotics, as well as pain killers, are also prescribed by the dentist to ensure that pain is taken care of.

Root Canal Treatment Requirement

A lot of people have this feeling that in case there is no pain, they do not need to get a root canal treatment done. One may require to get the procedure done even if there is a lack of pain.

If you’re Houston dentist has recommended you to get a root canal treatment done, he would have taken all the factors into consideration before suggesting the treatment. Hence, it is important that you get the procedure done with or without the pain.

root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment Risk Factor

Many people have this preconceived apprehension that getting a root canal treatment may pose a lot of risks. This is not true. For saving your natural teeth root canal might be the most appropriate treatment for your teeth.

You can be exposed to a lot of other health issues if you don’t get the procedure done well in time and delay it unnecessarily.

Root Canal Treatment Time

When root canal treatment is suggested, the first concern that people have is that the procedure will be very long and time-consuming. In most cases, the entire procedure of a root canal treatment can be completed in one sitting. A second follow-up may be required depending on how much time you will take to recover.

Root Canal Treatment Cause

Many people have this misconception that the main cause for a root canal issue is the crown that covers their tooth. This is a false belief that root canal issues can also arise even when there is no covering on the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment vs. Extraction of Tooth

When the tooth is totally damaged and there is no scope for a root canal treatment, in these circumstances getting a tooth extraction is the only option available.

According to experts at Smilebest dental Houston having your original tooth instead of getting it extracted is very important for proper eating and chewing of food. Getting a root canal treatment saves the roots of the tooth from further damage and also ensures that the healthy teeth next to it are also safe.

Root Canal Treatment Side Effects

This is a common myth among people that many illnesses can be a side effect of getting a root canal treatment done. But this is not true. It has been proven by medical experts that a lot of patients have been saved from heart infections and severe brain infections after getting a root canal treatment done.

Root Canal Treatment During Pregnancy

A common myth among people is that pregnant women should not be allowed to get a root canal treatment done. While getting a root canal procedure only an x-ray of the mouth is taken. This is completely safe as the rays only reach the mouth and not the abdomen or any other part of the body.

During the treatment of a pregnant lady, the best dentist in Houston uses lead shielding which makes the x-ray completely safe.

All in all, we see that getting a root canal treatment is a safe treatment for both your teeth and overall health.

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Cosmetic dentistry has become very common these days and to help individuals choose which treatment they want to have that perfect smile is also varied. Best dentist in Houston TX recommend different cosmetic treatments in dentistry that are in braces, dental implants, Invisalign, dentures, oral hygiene, and more.

When you are looking for help getting that dazzling smile, your teeth look whiter, perfect, and straight you have the option of many treatments that are there just for that.

Let us discuss these cosmetic dentistry treatment types that are available to you to choose from.

Teeth Whitening

There are many reasons where our teeth get discolored and there are stains on the teeth causing people to shy away in public. This discoloration that occurs can be due to the built up of tartar. Certain kinds of foods and beverages contribute to the staining of teeth such as tea and coffee, colas, red wine, tomato-based sauces, dark-colored juices such as blueberry, cranberry, and grape juices, curries, soy sauce, beetroot, and more. Smoking can also stain your teeth leaving dark stains on them.

The best way to remove these stains on the teeth is by removing them at Houston dental clinic or by bleaching. These procedures are very safe and help in reducing the stains to a considerable amount. It is advisable to get these bleaching procedures done professionally by Houston dentist rather than trying them on your own.

teeth whitening


Aligners are a great way for helping to straighten crooked or irregular teeth. They can be customized to individual requirements are clear and can be removed when required. They are easy to wear, unlike braces which can be awkward and difficult to wear.

The Invisalign system comprises a set of aligners that can be re-customized every few weeks. As the teeth slowly straighten and they come fully aligned. Clear aligners can be removed completely and are almost invisible. They can be taken out while eating, drinking, flossing, or brushing and even when you want to get yourself photographed.

They don’t cause any irritation to the gums or mouth as they are made of plastic rather than metal.


Dentures consist of artificial teeth which can be removed and help you in eating as well as speaking properly. They also help you to smile naturally. The dentures that are available today can be partial or complete depending on your requirement. They are made of high-impact acrylic bases which are long-lasting and don’t easily get stained.

Partial dentures which are also known as bridges act as a replacement for teeth that have been extracted or for replacing some teeth which are missing. On the other hand, people who have all their teeth missing on their upper and lower jaws use full dentures.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the perfect solution that is used in modern times for treating tooth replacement. These implants are placed in the jawbone through surgery. They act as anchors where partial or full dentures, crowns, and replacement teeth can be attached. As they are securely fixed, they do not slip and help in improving the look and functions of the teeth.

This is a kind of cosmetic dentistry that is required when several teeth need repairing and rebuilding. The teeth which can be saved can be done so by crowns, veneers, or fillings and the other teeth can be replaced by partial dentures or implants. This process requires the involvement of an orthodontist or a periodontist and an oral surgeon. Consult only the best dental implant dentist in Houston.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are permanent coverings that are thin and artificial. These help in rectifying the cracked, pitted, chipped, gapped, or discolored teeth. These porcelain veneers are exclusively customized to resemble the shape and color of your natural teeth and are made from molds of the teeth.

The teeth which are recommended by best dentist in Houston for receiving veneers are those which are visible when you talk or smile. Their life span is ranging from 5 years to 10 years. These are available in many different kinds and your dentist will recommend which is more suited for you.

Cosmetic dentists all over the world are committed to improve your smile and enhance your look. Cosmetic dentistry is the perfect answer to a great and dazzling smile.

Regular oral care such as brushing twice a day, flossing, and dental appointments will help you keep the teeth and gums that are a very important part of your personality healthy. And, in case if your smile misses the confidence, any of the above cosmetic dentistry procedures will help you get back that smile you miss.

As discussed above, these cosmetic procedures include whitening, corrective actionable, repairs, and replacements. Getting an appointment at Smilebest dental Houston to understand the benefits of these procedures will help you understand the various benefits and enhance your smile.

When children require dental surgery, parents, as well as guardians, have a lot of apprehensions and queries which need to be addressed before proceeding for Best dental care. Prior to dental surgery, children need a lot of motivation; encouragement and they require to be mentally prepared for the procedure. Along with children, parents also require to be fully reassured and mentally at peace which in turn has a calming effect on the child.

Anesthesia and sedation are the pre-requisites for any kind of surgery and there must be some important questions that every parent must ask their Houston dentist. These questions must be asked before the surgery, during the surgery, and after the procedure is completed.

The answers to these queries can be given either by a dentist or also by a separate anesthetic/sedation practitioner in a dental center.

Questions to ask dental offices in Houston before the procedure begins


Below are the questions you must ask before your child undergoes dental surgery.

  • For how much time should the child remain without eating and drinking anything before the surgery apart from mandatory medicines that the child needs to take with some water?
  • Who will be analyzing the previous medical history of the child- any kind of allergies, reactions to any medicines, and recommend any tests and more before the surgery as well as any hospitalization in the past or any kind of illness that the child has suffered from?
  • Who will be keeping a record of the prescription given by the dental surgeon before the procedure as well as provide all the required medications?
  • Will the child be required to be given any kind of medicine for sedating at home before going to the dental center? And if this is required, what should be monitored?
  • Is the person responsible for sedating or giving anesthesia before the surgery fully qualified and has enough experience as well as training for the same?
  • Are the staff who will be assisting during the surgery well trained for any kind of emergency and is their training renewed from time to time?
  • Does the person responsible for giving anesthesia and sedating in the position of all the licenses and permits which are mandatory as per the state dental board for providing the required level of sedation and anesthesia?


Questions during Procedure

Below are the questions you must ask while your child is undergoing the surgery

  • Along with local anesthesia will the child be given any general anesthesia or sedation? And if so what will the level be. Will it be minimal sedation where the child will be awake and relaxed, will it be moderate sedation where the child will be awake but a little drowsy, deep sedation where the child will be hardly awake, or will it be general anesthesia where the child will not be conscious at all?
  • How will the monitoring of the child be done prior to the surgery, during the operation, and after the procedure is complete till the child is discharged to be released from the hospital?
  • How many people will be there to monitor and assist the child during the surgery and will they be having the required credentials as well as proper understanding?
  • Does the dental center have appropriate medicines and medical equipment which can be available on an urgent need basis?
  • Is there an emergency response plan which is written for the management of any kind of medical emergency?

Post-surgery Questions

Below are the questions you must ask after the surgery is over

  • Will there be any instructions and precautionary measures be given by the anesthesia and/or the sedation provider once the surgery is concluded?
  • Will the dental center provide any number which can be contacted in case any emergency arises after the procedure once the child has been discharged and gone home?
  • Who should be consulted if there are any complications in the child’s health post the surgery and the child is at home?
  • What kind of food can the child have after the surgery and how long will it take for the child to be able to eat proper food?
  • Are there any precautions required to be taken while feeding the child?

This article provides in-depth knowledge about the kind of questions that are to be asked to the best dentist in Houston and the team when surgery is suggested for your child. As a parent, it becomes an overwhelming factor when the child needs to be in surgery, and asking as many questions as you want helps you as a parent to stay calm and more understood about the procedure that your child will go through.

These questions above for the different stages of before, during, and after the surgery will help you provide the best dental care for your child.

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