Emergency Dentist Near Me, Cant Stop The Pain, Call Now

A dental emergency is no small thing. There is a very short window of time to repair a knocked out tooth, for example. A toothache may be a sign of infection that can lead to other major health problems like endocarditis or a blood infection. Consider some reasons you might need an emergency dentist in Houston.

You are in Pain

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. When it comes to dental emergencies, pain typically means infection and exposed nerves. It is never a good idea to ignore intense pain, and you won’t get much done until you do see the emergency dentist anyway.

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Dental Infection Can Be Deadly

When bacteria infect a tooth or gum, an abscess can form. Left untreated, a dental abscess can:

Infect the bones in the face, particularly the jaw bones causing permanent damage

Lead to loss of surrounding teeth

Destroy the soft tissue in the mouth

Cause a sinus infection

Infect the bloodstream leading to a life-threatening condition called septicemia

Lead to a deadly abscess in the brain

Infections move fast, too. If you develop pain and swelling in the face after office hours or have no insurance and need an immediate appointment, our emergency dentists will see you.

Your Tooth Becomes Dislodged

You have just one hour to save a tooth that comes out due to trauma. After one hour, if that tooth is not back in the socket, you may lose it. Store the tooth in a container with milk to keep it moist and go to the dentist.

Something is Between Your Teeth

A piece of paper, thread, even dental floss can get stuck between two teeth. You can attempt to dislodge it, but you might risk damaging the teeth and gums. It is better to see an emergency dentist and have the object safely removed.

Your Crown Popped Off

Dental crowns are caps that cover a tooth or implant. When one pops off, it can cause pain and put you at risk for infection. First, try to reattach the crown with over the counter denture glue, or do a Google search like: “Find an emergency dentist near me.”

Your Mouth is Bleeding

There are things you can do at home to try to control the bleeding gums, cheeks or lips due to injury. Start by rinsing your mouth out with saltwater then press a tea bag on the wound and apply light pressure. If the bleeding continues, get help from an emergency dentist.

The best reason to call one of the emergency dentists at A Dental Place is that we can help. If you have a dental emergency and live in Houston, give us a call.

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