Gum Recession: Causes, Preventive Measures and Treatment

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The place where the margin of the gum tissue which surrounds the teeth and more of the root or tooth wears away or pulls back is known as gum recession. The initial signs of gum recession are pockets or gaps which form between the teeth and gum line that enable bacteria formation easily. If this is not treated on time by the best dental services, it can cause a lot of damage to the supporting bone structures affecting the tissue of the teeth which can also cause tooth loss.

Let us discuss the causes, treatments, and preventive measures to understand gum recession further.

receeding gums

What Causes Gum Recession ?

Gum recession can be caused by many factors.


Genetics can be one of the causes of receding gums. People whose parents have a history of gum recession are also prone to receding gums and the bacteria which cause gum recession can pass from the parents to the children.

Periodontal Disease

Gingivitis which is a periodontal disease can be one of the causes of gum recession. Gum disease can damage the gum tissue and also the bone which holds the teeth in place. A dental examination is required if one notices that the gums are swollen, purple, red, tender, or bleeding.

Some of the other indicators of going to the dentist are tooth sensitivity and chronic bad breath. The symptoms of early periodontal disease may not be noticed as they do not cause much pain.

Hard brushing

Brushing the teeth is very important for removing bad breath as well as bacteria. But at the same time, it is important to know that brushing the teeth very hard can cause damage to the tooth’s enamel as well as gums. Gum recession can also be caused if you brush very hard.


The bodies of some women may experience certain hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause which may result in receding gums. Thus, visiting a dentist near Houston can help in avoiding gum recession.

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Grinding Teeth

While grinding teeth, a lot of pressure is applied to the teeth which may recede the gums. There is a possibility of being unaware of this habit until your dentist observes the receding of your gums and advises you to wear a gum guard to prevent the grinding of teeth at night.

Crooked Teeth

The gum tissues can get pulled in the opposite direction if the teeth are misaligned. This can cause gum recession and accumulation of tartar.

Tobacco Consumption

Chewing of tobacco or smoking can cause recession of gums.

Injury or Trauma

Any injury to the gums or mouth due to miscellaneous reasons can cause the gums to recede. Gum recession can also be caused due to a lip or tongue piercing.

What Types of  Treatment are Available For Receeding Gums?

Gum recession can be prevented from occurring by following healthy habits as well as being aware of its reasons. In unavoidable circumstances, one needs to visit a dentist to reverse its effects and prevent it from getting aggravated.

Gum recession can be treated in two ways


Mild recession can be treated by scaling. The process of root plaining comprises a deep cleaning process of the teeth below the line of the gum focusing on bacteria and plaque removal from the pockets surrounding the roots of the teeth and under the gum line.


A gum graft can be suggested by the dentist if the case of gum recession is very severe. Gum grafting is done for the repair of gum tissue. In this process, the damaged or diseased gum tissue is removed surgically by the dentist. this is replaced by a grafts section of delicate and healthy gum tissue for restoring the areas which have been impacted.

How Can I Prevent Gum Recession?

Gum recession can be prevented by a few simple ways listed below.

Proper Brushing

For brushing, a toothbrush that is not very abrasive must be used along with mild toothpaste. The teeth should be brushed gently ensuring that are done also at the gum line. One should not brush teeth aggressively. The proper method of brushing can be demonstrated by the dentist or the hygienist.

Prevention of gum disease

Although adults are more susceptible to gum disease, it can also develop in children. The best way for avoiding gum disease and having healthy gums is by brushing and flossing teeth every day. It is also advisable to brush at least twice a day and floss or rinse after each meal.

Use a brush recommended by a Houston dentist and preferable replace your toothbrush every quarter.

Eat Healthy

Having a healthy diet will keep your teeth and gums healthy. Sugar and starch, beverages, and acidic food can cause gum recession to aggravate gum recession. The roots of the teeth can get damaged by the consumption of excessive orange juice, soda, and wine. Juices taken must be diluted with water before drinking.

Gum recession can be avoided by visiting your dentist for regular dental check-ups at smilebest dental Houston and following a healthy dental routine.

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