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How important is a good smile? An indication of good hygiene for some and a symbol of beauty for most and the first impression for all. Observe how a smile can change perceptions among personal or professional settings or social circles or even potential love interests etc.

According to the American Association of orthodontist, more than 1/3 of American adults are dissatisfied with their smiles. 36% of them believe that they could have a better social circle if they would have a better appearance of teeth. Naturally, given the current scenario with your image intact to social media, people do bound to get conscious and trust the best dental services.

However, tooth discoloration has nothing to do with body positivity and therefore this aspect cannot be left for you to not be concerned about. Unlike other body image factors, tooth discoloration is not appeasing to the eyes and your health. So, whether you are a part of that 1/3 Americans or not, it is important to fix the discoloration regardless of how you wish to do it.

Take a look at the following tips and suggestions for your yellow teeth.

teeth coloration

Regular cleaning 

According to Smilebest dental Houston, tooth discoloration could be not as complex as you think. It could be possible that it is plaque and your pearly whites are simply hidden under it. The process is simple and it could be removed through regular cleanings. Plaque is a solidified layer of bacteria that builds up and settles when you do not clean the leftover food particles that are stuck between your teeth. When you floss and brush regularly it reduces the risks. However, if not taken seriously it could cause gum disease, tooth decay, tartar, let alone tooth discoloration.

With regular cleaning, the tartar and plaque are removed from the nooks and crannies of your teeth through a scraping tool. Get your teeth cleaned regularly and the yellowing of your teeth is far from existence.


It is possible that commercial or clinical whitening may not work for you. Either you may not have enough time for several sessions or there’s a possibility of sensitive teeth issues. Either way, you are suggested veneers.

Veneers are custom porcelain that helps with teeth discoloration as well, apart from improving the appearance of crooked teeth, gaps, etc.

Professional whitening 

Unless recommended, don’t fall for getting new teeth when you can fix tooth discoloration through professional treatments. Based on the type of teeth stain your dentist would recommend you a specific treatment. He or she would also consider your sensitivity levels. There could be two things that could possibly be recommended one being the at-home whitening kits. The second would be the in-clinic treatments. Although at-home whitening kits seem easy they could turn painful. On the other hand, in-clinic treatments at Smilebest dental Houston are a relief since the level of discomfort is far lesser during and after the treatment.

Mouth restoration 

A full mouth restoration is a procedure where the cosmetic damage is addressed through dental implants, surgery, or extensive dental work. It is slightly different from a smile makeover since it is mostly cosmetic and that would include teeth whitening, braces, and porcelain veneers. Either way, your teeth condition, and most importantly specific concerns would lead your dentist to help you decide the right treatment for you.

Reduce staining foods

Prevention is always better than cure and although one cannot go back in time and undo the times we have eaten and drank but we could always reduce the consumption of foods that stain teeth. Also, if you have invested in any of the treatments listed above we would recommend you protect your teeth from staining by abstaining from the following food products

Red wine

It’s the bitter truth but if you drink too much red wine it could discolor your teeth. Drinking excess red wine every day would turn your teeth a little blue. It would be best to rinse your mouth with drinking water after drinking red wine.

Black coffee

The biggest misconception here is that Black coffee is not recommended due to its dark color. Instead, it is because of its high acidity levels as it damages the enamel which ultimately leads to teeth discoloration. Again, the aim should be to cut down black coffee or add creamers and milk to it and not drink it at all.

Tomato-based curries and sauces

Tomato is a healthy vegetable and therefore must not be entirely omitted from your diet. However, due to its deep red color and high acidic content, it is bound to stain your teeth. Avoid tomatoes especially before public appearances as it could be too evident for others to notice.

The above-mentioned tips should be kept in mind to reduce or fix the discoloration. They could be many reasons that lead to tooth discoloration and aging could be a part of it. Still, the best thing to do is consult the best dentist in Houston TX to help you whiten your smile and dazzle the people around you.

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