A lot of adolescents and children go for braces for aesthetic reasons or to solve a structural issue with their teeth. However, it is very important to know how to keep these braces clean. The best dentist in Houston, Texas, has witnessed patients who struggle with the aftercare of getting braces. It can be a challenging aspect of getting orthodontic treatments. The good news is that you can keep your teeth and braces sparkling clean with some mindful habits.

Braces are primarily used to straighten and correctly align your teeth. However, if no proper care is taken, they can deteriorate the oral health of your child. Even though your child might be brushing their teeth regularly, it takes more to free their mouth of all debris and to keep braces squeaky clean. The hardware used in braces consists of various angles that can make them particularly hard to clean. There might also be some discomfort during brushes that can allow children to get lazy with their dental hygiene routine.

Kids with braces in Houston, Texas, can accurately maintain their overall oral health without having to deal with a lot of complications.

Let us look at some easy yet effective ways to develop good oral hygiene routines and habits:

 teeth brushing

Show Your Kids How to Brush Properly

Before it comes to brushing, make sure that your kids use the right type of toothbrush. You can even consider an electric toothbrush since the vibrations can clean the hardware faster and better than mechanical ones. Your child needs to learn how to angle their toothbrush downwards at 45-degrees and brush the hardware from top to bottom. They should repeat the brushing with the bristles pointed directly to the teeth, then change to a 45-degree upward angle. This brushing technique gives them total control of their orthodontics. They can also brush the outer part of their teeth, the gums, and the biting edge before doing the insides.


Flossing Is Of the Utmost Importance

With orthodontics, your kids need to focus on flossing more than ever. Food particles can get trapped between braces and your teeth very easily. When the alignment of your teeth changes, food particulates can get collected in the crevices and cracks. This may lead to a greater debris accumulation than your child is used to. Soft picks or dental floss is a good way to get the tiny spaces between the orthodontic hardware and the teeth very clean.

When your kid flosses, keep in mind that they need to cover all the gaps both under and over the wire. They can also use a dental threaded which is a very valuable tool that helps in getting the floss under the hardware’s wire. It helps you in getting down all the way till the base of the teeth. If any particulate food matter is left behind, it can easily damage your child’s tooth enamel. This might potentially lead to an oral decay and some even more expensive dental care.

Conclusion: Keep Your Child’s Oral Hygiene Top-Notch

You can use these easy and quick care tips that might greatly help your child get the best out of their orthodontic hardware. In addition to using these tips, your orthodontist or dentist will talk to you before and after the procedure about upkeep, cleaning, and proper care of the oral health of your child or the hardware while they have braces. You should ask them any questions that you might have and encourage your children to do the same.

Consulting your dentist will go a long way into managing the oral health of your child and will help them in getting a new, brilliant smile with braces in Houston, Texas.



May 22, 2019 Dental Tips0

At first, it sounds so scary.

Putting your beautiful smiles behind the bars is not something which you expect out of dental treatment. However, this is how it goes and this is how you get great outcomes.

Dental braces have come a long way from being simple, wired instruments to high-quality Invisalign which rest on the underside of your teeth and are absolutely invisible.

However, no matter whether you choose costly or affordable dental braces, it certainly brings a great bit of change in your lifestyle and here is what to expect after you get an orthodontic treatment:

  • Dental Braces And Your Appearance:

The very first change which you can expect is in your appearance and dental braces do bring a change in your smile.

However, you can camouflage the braces over your teeth by choosing the transparent ones or choosing the ones that go down under your teeth and are not at all visible. `

  • Dental Braces And Your Comfort:

Slight discomfort when you first get the braces is expect-able since the braces apply some pressure on the teeth.

Due to this, the orthodontists advise to take softer foods only and use products such as orthodontic wax to prevent the brackets from causing discomforts.

Normally, it takes a week or two to get used to the sensation and if you face extreme discomfort, you can always consult your orthodontist.

  • Dental Braces And Your Eating Habits:

With braces, expect a lot of change in your eating habits as it’s not too easy to bite and chew.

At first, you need to try your hands on soft foods such as smoothies, soups, oatmeal, and mashed potatoes etc. as biting and chewing tends to be painful.

However, you cannot expect your eating habits to be exactly the same as before since hard and crunchy objects pose a lot of trouble even later.

Besides, gooey foods such as caramel and chewing gums are a big no when you have braces.

  • Dental Braces And Hygiene:

There’s a lot of difference between cleaning your teeth with and without braces, and with braces, chances of succumbing to cavities are on a higher side.

Make sure you brush your teeth after every meal and replace the braces every three months since the braces tend to wear in contact with the toothbrush bristles. Besides, do not forget flossing your teeth.

  • Dental Braces And Their Aftercare:

After you get your dental braces, you need to be in a regular touch with your orthodontist and a dentist for better care, especially if you face any trouble in between.


On the bottom line, if you wish to enhance your mouth aesthetics, dental braces are a great solution. However, you obtain them with a fair bit of responsibilities too.

So get your braces with assistance from a reliable dental clinic only and make sure you be in regular touch with the experts to ensure great results out of your orthodontic treatments.

And if you are looking for the best dentists in Houston, TX, you can consult ‘A Dental Care’ which is one of the leading dental clinics in the region.

Consult the experts to avoid all your dental troubles in minimal efforts.


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