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As we grow old, there are many changes in our body as well as our lifestyle. Hence, it becomes all the more important to take care of our overall health and especially our teeth. Regular dental care and the best dental services during your golden years are as essential as during childhood. The process of aging makes the mouth more prone to becoming dry and the risk of chronic health problems as well as diseases of the gums increases with age.

One of the common problems during old age is recession of the gums as well as dryness in the mouth. Both these problems make susceptibility to the formation of cavities and gum disease as the mouth starts producing a lesser amount of saliva for washing away the bacteria which are present.

It becomes important to practice regular and good hygiene for saving the teeth from further damage. It is recommended to fix an appointment with your dentist at Smilebest dental Houston at least two times a year for getting a regular dental check-up done and in case required, proper treatment can be given.

In case a dentist advises a low sugar diet, you can choose a sugar-free gum after every meal if you are not able to brush your teeth. Always ensure that any implants, dentures, bridges, or crowns are in a suitable condition, and in case there are any concerns, you can take a piece of advice from the best dental implant dentist in Houston.

Below are some of the common dental problems faced by senior citizens as they advance in age.

Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth

According to experts at Houston dental clinic, the flow of saliva tends to become less with age making the mouth very dry. Some of the reasons for this could be the treatment of cancer which uses radiation around the area of the head and neck or some other diseases. There may also be some side effects of many medicines that may make the mouth dry.

Darkening of Teeth

The teeth can get darkened due to certain changes in dentin which is the bone-like tissue below the tooth enamel. Regular intake of beverages and food throughout the life that cause stains to the teeth. Darkening of a tooth or teeth can indicate a more severe problem and the Houston dentist must be immediately consulted.

Decay of Root

There is no enamel for protecting the roots of the teeth and therefore, they are more likely to get decayed than the crown. When the root of the tooth gets exposed to acids that cause decay, it starts decaying at a very quick rate and one should consult the best dentist in Houston TX at the earliest.

Loss of Teeth

With the advancement in age, one is prone to a lot of gum diseases that can cause loss of teeth.

gum disease

Gum Disease

The major cause of gum disease is plaque. This situation can be worsened by many causes such as using tobacco products, dentures, and bridges that do not fit properly, teeth that are not cleaned or rinsed properly and have food particles left on them, unhealthy diet, diabetes, cancer, and anemia.

Stomatitis by Dentures

Stomatitis can be caused by a lack of good dental hygiene, dentures that do not fit properly, or the accumulation of Candida Albicans which is a kind of fungus. Stomatitis causes inflammation of the tissue which is below the denture.


Candida Albicans fungus also is caused by certain drugs or diseases which may have an effect on the immune system.

Uneven Jaw Bones

When the area of the mouth which is affected by tooth loss is not replaced by dentures or any other procedure, the rest of the teeth in the mouth begin to drift and occupy the spaces which are missing. This is one of the reasons for uneven jawbones.

Tips for better oral hygiene for seniors

Old age itself is not the only factor affecting oral health. There are other medical conditions like arthritis in the fingers and hands which can make brushing teeth or flossing them a tedious task and sometimes even impossible to do. Consumption of certain drugs may also have an effect on oral health making it necessary to have certain changes in the dental treatment.

Below are some tips to take care of oral health for elders.

  • Brushing and flossing the original teeth every day is very important for maintaining good dental health
  • It is advisable to use a toothpaste that contains fluoride for brushing
  • The mouth should be rinsed after every meal with a mouth wash containing antiseptic
  • Regular cleaning of the teeth and a thorough dental check-up should be done by a dentist near Houston.

Apart from this, it is a must to visit your dentist for best dental care at the earliest in case you notice any symptoms such as loose or sensitive teeth, any changes in the mouth which are recent, difficulty in tasting, chewing, and swallowing anything, any kind of sores, pain or bleeding, bumps or swelling in the mouth.

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There are a lot of questions that come to your mind when you think about the best dental care. Before getting medical treatment, it is natural to have some apprehension towards its benefits and its side effects and then evaluate if the benefits outweigh the costs. However, the best way to make an informed decision about any dental treatment is to know what is normal and what isn’t.

Smilebest dental Houston brings you a complete guide to help you understand the normal and abnormal side effects of getting braces so you know what to expect from the procedure.


Common Side Effects of Braces

Mild Discomfort

There will be some discomfort when you first get braces. According to dental clinics of Texas braces work by manually moving your teeth to proper alignment. This discomfort can manifest as headaches, or even just be concentrated on your teeth. Your orthodontist might prescribe some over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. If pains or headaches get a lot worse with time, you need to let your dentist know since it might be a sign of another condition.


Your mouth will not be used to the brackets and wires that make up the braces. You will need to give your mouth and lips some time to adjust to the right position. During this time, you may be mildly irritated. Luckily, a lot of products such as orthodontic wax exist to reduce this irritation. You just need to put the wax on a single bracket or an entire section and start to feel the immediate relief. However if you feel like there is a sharp wire poking you or making your mouth bleed, have a talk with your orthodontist.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is one of the most common side effects of braces, particularly if your orthodontic treatment deals with the realignment of your jaw. Over-the-counter pain medications can help you in managing this pain, based on its severity. However, jaw pain may resurface after every tightening.

Difficulty Eating

Difficulty eating and chewing food when you first start with braces or when you get a tightening is a common complaint. Even though it lasts only for a short time and resolves itself, you may have to shift to a braces-friendly diet temporarily.


Unusual Effects from Braces

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is very common when you first start wearing braces. It results primarily from poor oral hygiene. You may need some time to adjust your oral regime to accommodate elastics and braces. It is crucial that patients clean their teeth thoroughly every day. You need to brush twice a day, floss every day, get the best dental services to maintain good oral hygiene. However, if your teeth start to decay, you may need to delay your treatment and take care of the decay first.


It is imperative to practice good dental hygiene particularly for patients in braces. Decalcification is basically the appearance of white marks on the teeth. It is one of the most common side effects of having poor hygiene. You may also suffer from cavities if the plaque and food are not getting removed regularly. Such issues are preventable with thorough, regular flossing and brushing and maintaining a diet that is low in sugar.

Allergic Reactions

Many patients sometimes experience an allergic reaction to the metal used in braces or the latex rubber in the elastics. To avoid any complications, you need to communicate your allergies clearly to the best dentist in Houston. There are many alternative metals available these days. There is even latex-free elastic to help you avoid allergies as much as possible.

Root Resorption

Root resorption stands for the shortening of roots when a person wears braces. Root resorption can be a little more than a simple slightly diminished root tip and generally does not result in long-term oral health issues. Sometimes patients may even experience a shortening of about half of the root, which can also cause notable changes to their long-term health. Even though the exact cause is still unknown, but if you manage to wear braces beyond at least two years, you can greatly increase the chances of the recovery of your roots. Make sure that your orthodontist takes regular x-rays and decides if any root resorption has occurred.


Even though the above side effects are possible, they are very uncommon. Most probably you will be happy and confident with your smile after your treatment is done. However, it is important that you ask your orthodontist any questions that you may have. Your orthodontist should know all your concerns in order to make sure that you avoid anything that you are apprehensive about when it comes to braces. In case you do suffer from any side effects, your orthodontist at smilebest dental Houston will be able to resolve them as soon as possible.

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An excruciating pain can be the result of a cracked or broken tooth. The pulpy portion inside the tooth can get exposed if the tooth enamel breaks. The inner pulp of the tooth has the nerves, blood vessels, as well as connective tissues in it, and any kind of infection or inflammation can cause severe pain. Our teeth can get cracked or broken due to several reasons and this can be very painful.

Smilebest dental Houston shares remedial measures for managing the pain from cracked or broken teeth as well as the various kinds of treatments that can be done.

cracked teeth

Below are some of the treatments and remedial measures for managing the pain from cracked or broken teeth.

First Aid

As soon as you notice that your tooth is cracked or has been broken, you must immediately visit your Houston dentist. The dentist will then make an assessment of the amount of damage that has been done to the tooth and share the treatment options before it gets worse. The pain is experienced maybe because of the dentin layer of the tooth which could have got exposed. The dentin layer is situated beneath the enamel of the tooth surrounding the pulp.

Below are a few things that you must do as soon as your tooth gets chipped, cracked, or broken

  • Any broken piece which you notice has fallen on the ground should be collected and taken to the best dentist in Houston TX. This will help the dentist to come to a conclusion whether the broken piece was a part of the tooth enamel or a previous filling. Even though it may not be able to get re-attached.
  • In case you notice any kind of pain or bleeding, the best thing to do is to take some clean gauze and bite on it gently to control the bleeding. Even though you may not feel any pain, it is always advisable to consult your dentist on the phone for scheduling a visit to assess the amount of damage.

While waiting for the dentist to examine your broken tooth, you should refrain from doing the following

  • Avoid eating hard foods such as nuts and more as these can cause more damage. In case there is only a crack in the tooth, chewing anything must be avoided till the dentist has assessed it.
  • Avoid consuming foods and beverages which are very cold or very hot as they may increase the pain.
  • Stay away from foods and drinks that have a high sugar content as these may cause a lot of irritation to the inner part of the tooth which has been exposed.
  • Certain acidic foods such as tomatoes, citrus foods, vinegar and more can cause a lot of discomforts.

broken teeth treatment

Temporary Relief

You can always some pain relief medicines till the time the doctor arrives. However, taking aspirin must be avoided as it can slow the process of healing.

Soaking a cotton swab in clove oil and holding it against the damaged tooth will provide immediate relief. Make sure that you do not swallow the oil.

Rinsing the mouth thrice a day with warm water and a little salt will help in removing the bacteria from the area of the mouth that has been infected.


Your dentist will examine the affected area and determine the kind of treatment to be followed which will be based on whether the teeth are milk or permanent, the developmental stage of the tooth, and the cause of injury.

In severe cases, a root canal may be advised by the dentist.

Preventive Measures

Once you have experienced and the discomfort of a cracked or broken tooth and the treatment following it, you would want to take preventive measures for it to reoccur. Below are a few causes that are common for teeth to get cracked or broken and must be avoided for further injuries.

  • Grinding or clenching of teeth
  • Biting into foods that are hard or chewing them
  • Biting on objects which are hard such as a pencil, pen, etc.
  • Fillings or crowns which have been done earlier and are now in the process of separating from the structure of the tooth
  • Any kind of trauma which has been caused to the mouth or face

When a tooth breaks or gets cracked, the person enduring it suffers great pain. The above remedies at different stages will surely help you manage the pain and get instant relief till the time you visit your dentist.

The best dentist in Houston is the best specialist to help you with the pain and give you the correct treatment depending on your dental history and oral health. So, make sure that you share all the required information with your dentist and get the remedial procedure done to get back in the best dental health, and smile as soon as possible.

For instant relief, do follow the above steps.

A healthy heart is the key to a happy and successful life and a healthy smile paves the way to a healthy heart. Cardiovascular disease is one of the major causes of death in people. A lot of research has been conducted to show the link between good health and dental hygiene.

Dental clinics in Houston lay emphasis on Oral health and its link with diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and most importantly, cardiovascular disease.

oral health

Houston dental clinic on Gum Disease and Dental Care

Lack of good dental care leads to gum disease which causes a lot of inflammation. Poor dental hygiene can cause the formation of bacteria which can give rise to gum disease.

Gum diseases can be classified into two kinds. The first is Gingivitis, which is characterized by swollen red gums and the second one is the periodontal disease which affects the bone and tissues around the teeth and is a bacterial infection. The primary cause for both these gum diseases is when plaque which is a sticky residue gets accumulated on the teeth. This plaque allows the formation of bacteria which further leads to dental health problems like gum disease and cavities.

Periodontal disease is believed to be the main cause for enabling the bacteria to go inside the bloodstream which can be the reason for many heart ailments. People with a prevailing heart condition or a previous history of heart attacks are at a greater risk. This is why periodontal gum cleaning is significant when it comes to dental care.

Tips for a healthy heart

Having a healthy heart helps in the prevention of heart diseases and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Awareness about the various symptoms and causes of gum disease can help in preventing gum diseases and seeking dental help when required.

The various signs of gum disease are foul breath, bad taste, bleeding swollen gums while eating, brushing or flossing, missing or loose teeth which must not be ignored and treated at the earliest.


Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is a sure-shot way of preventing gum and heart diseases. Always try to include fruits and vegetables in as many colors as you can, carbohydrates, lean meat, and foods that provide all the nutrients that are required by the body.

Try to refrain from excessive sugar, carbonated drinks, and sticky food.

Fitness Regime

Following a regular fitness regime helps in staying fit and healthy and lets you maintain a fit and healthy body. A combination of weight lifting and cardio, as well as aerobics, is the best way for exercising and strengthening the lungs, heart, bones, and muscles.

Yoga and meditation help you remain calm and stress-free.

Abstain from smoking

Smoking is the major cause of many people getting heart disease and several other diseases. It is advisable to quit smoking to maintain a healthy heart.

When you quit smoking, you can start seeing the difference immediately. Every cigarette-free day is beneficial for your health.

Managing Stress

Leading a life of stress can be a major cause of increased cholesterol and high blood pressure which are the main triggers for heart disease. It thus becomes very important to keep your stress levels at a low and try to avoid situations that can cause a great amount of stress.

There are many techniques to combat stress such as taking deep breaths, sipping of water, laughing, visualization, going for a short walk, and more.

Regular Dental Care

Following a regular dental routine will ensure good oral health and help in preventing heart diseases. It is very important to brush your teeth twice a day, flossing, and using a mouth wash after every meal.

Taking good care of your teeth will help in ensuring healthy and strong teeth.

Dental Visits

It is always advisable to pay a visit to your Houston dentist twice a year in the least and get a thorough dental checkup done. It is also important to apprise your dentist about any heart ailment you may be having or you may be on any medicine.

One should not wait till the symptoms become prominent and the infection starts to get severe as this can lead to greater complications. One should keep a strict vigil on their oral health and immediately consult a dentist in case of any doubt.

Good dental health and oral hygiene are the keys to a healthy heart and body which adds life to years. Following the above tips will help you keep your oral health in check which in turn helps you in keeping your heart healthy.

Good oral health helps you reduce cardiovascular problems like a heart attack than those who do not maintain proper oral hygiene. Studies have shown that people who suffer from gum disease or have had tooth loss are at a higher risk of getting a heart attack and other heart problems.

Thus, make sure you maintain good oral health and regular dental visits to a good dentist in Houston TX.

No matter how concerned we get about dental hygiene we will always take our tongues for granted. Regardless of age, we use our tongues to taste all sorts of things. Texas dental care suggests to keep a good check on your tongue.

The tongue is so much more than a soft body part in the mouth. It plays a significant role in tasting and swallowing food. This further helps in the proper digestion of food. What you may not know is that dentists on airlines and Tidwell can figure out health ailments or detect serious conditions by taking a good look at your tongue.

Ever wondered what makes an expert diagnose a particular health condition or warn you about underlying disease simply through your tongue? Take a look!

  • Tender Tongue

If you spot or feel soreness in a small patch or all over your tongue, you could be suffering from canker sores or food allergies. Although it fades away with time, in case it doesn’t, don’t worry and make sure to consult an appointment with the best dental offices in Houston.

oral health

  • White patches

White patches on the tongue could be a condition named leukoplakia that happens due to excess tobacco or smoking use. It happens if the topmost layer of the tongue is irritated due to toxic habits. It also happens after heavy medications and prolonged illness. If you spot white patches, schedule an appointment with adental care best dental Houston to be on the safe side. Early detection would prevent bigger conditions like oral cancer. All in all, it would be best to quit smoking as soon as you observe white patches on your tongue.

  • Overly Red Tongue

A pink, flushed tongue is healthy but an extremely red tongue is not a good sign. It is often related to Kawasaki disease symptoms that lead to inflamed blood vessels all over the body. It mostly happens to children. It could also be a sign of scarlet fever. However, according to the best dentist in Houston TX it can also be a sign of vitamin deficiency of B-12 or folic acid. The best solution to this condition would be to add a vitamin supplement or fresh green leafy vegetables to your diet. Still, a visit to the dentist 77060 is a good idea.

oral care

  • Hairy Tongue

Yes, it exists. It might sound strange but it is not as worrisome as other conditions. It is caused due to elongated small bumps, usually due to protein build-up, that traps food particles. It appears like hair strands and as odd as it looks, tongue scraping and good brushing can treat it. In case it doesn’t, it could be oral hairy leukoplakia. This calls for a visit to a dental care greens road as it could also happen to people infected with HIV or Epstein-Barr.

  • Burning feeling

If a warm cup of coffee seems scalding and anything hot feels bitter or metallic in taste, you could be suffering from burning mouth syndrome. In simple terms, there could be an issue with the nerves in your tongue. Health conditions like infections, diabetes, acid reflux, and dry mouth mostly cause it. Experts at union dental Houston believe it could also be because of acidic agents like pineapple or certain mouthwashes, toothpaste, gums, and candies. The best solution would be to discuss the problem with your dentist and get a personalized consultation.

  • Macroglossia

It is an abnormal enlargement of the tongue. Why abnormal? because it is marginally bigger compared to your mouth. This is diagnosed by experts by finding teeth imprints on the sides of your tongue. Based on further tests, the underlying condition could be either allergies, hypothyroidism, or infection.

Your tongue can tell a lot about your overall health. Keep a check on the condition of your tongue so that you do not delay your diagnosis before any health condition aggravates. Visit dental care 77087 for accurate solutions and personalized consultation.

Did you know almost one-third of adults and three of every ten kids suffer from jaw clenching and teeth grinding?

Bruxism or teeth grinding is a common syndrome that often goes unaddressed. Clenching and grinding teeth are common among people. Did you know it is a medical syndrome? Occasional teeth grinding, although not harmful, can cause damage if it becomes a habit. According to union dental Houston TX, it could lead to some major oral health complications.

bruxism symptoms

Why Do People Grind Their Teeth?

Teeth grinding is caused by anxiety and stress. This is alarming at any age but it also happens when the top and bottom rows of teeth do not align. Another reason that causes teeth grinding is a coping mechanism from conditions like teething or earache. As for adults, it is often caused due to crooked teeth or abnormal bites. Sleep disorders could also be among the major reasons for teeth grinding.

According to the Tidwell dental office, stressful situations, both in the case of adults and kids, can lead to jaw clenching. Build-up anger or tension gets reflected in deep sleep phases through bruxism.

Some medications for medical conditions like cerebral palsy can develop bruxism in kids.

How to detect Bruxism?

Since teeth grinding mostly occurs during sleep, it could go unnoticed. So how do you find out if you grind your teeth? Experts at a dental care Greenspoint suggest a few tips. Take a look-

  • The easiest way to detect it is by asking a family member to check up on you while you sleep and observe if there is a pattern involved.
  • Do you suffer from mild headaches or sore jaws right after you wake up? It is a clear tell-tale sign of bruxism.
  • Watch out for sharp pain while chewing.
  • If it’s your kid, check for unusual wear and tear or chipped enamel.
  • Flattened, chipped, loose, or fractured teeth.
  • An earache that has nothing to do with your ear.

Even with the slightest bit of suspicion, make sure to get in touch with the best dentist in Houston.

Risk Factors Surrounding Bruxism and Dental Health

According to a dentist near 77093, teeth grinding can result in loosening, fracturing, or complete loss of teeth. Chronic jaw clenching or teeth grinding leads to worn out enamel, chipped teeth, pain in the jaw or face, and increased tooth sensitivity.

  • An aggressive, hyperactive, or competitive personality could increase the risks of bruxism.
  • Bruxism runs in the family as well. So, watch out for the symptoms of bruxism and address them as soon as possible.
  • Tension-type headaches around the temples.
  • Mental health and disorders must be taken care of. Not only should it be an important concern for your emotional wellbeing but also to prevent excessive jaw clenching and other associated conditions. Conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), Parkinson’s disease, sleep apnea, epilepsy, etc. could also increase the risk factors.

This would lead to dental treatments like root canals, bridges, crowns, dental implants, partial or even complete dentures. If not addressed on time, it could also result in a change in the appearance of your face.

stressed woman with grinding teeth

How to Prevent Bruxism?

Although bruxism is considered a part of the natural process of child development and growth because it fades away with time, it should not be ignored altogether since the causes could be affecting your or your child’s overall health. Talk to your partner if they are going through troubled times or counsel your kid on ways to deal with fear or stress. The best solution would be to regularly visit the best dental offices in Houston.

To conclude, it would be best to not ignore bruxism as in these challenging times, anything can become a source of deteriorating health.

Accidents and injuries are a part of life and there’s no denying that it could turn fatal if it leads to tooth damage. This way it is important to understand the cost of saving or losing a tooth. The best dentist in Houston TX believes that although dental emergencies should be reported to the clinic at once, you should be prepared with first aid or home care remedies to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Please keep in mind that most dentists reserve their emergencies at different hours depending upon their respective schedules. This means you need to contact your dentist 77060 and explain your situation before heading to the clinic. Or else, you could visit your local emergency room.

This is why it is important to stay prepared and be equipped to deal with dental emergencies at home.

Dental Emergencies At Home:

  • What if my child knocks out their tooth?

First things first, do not panic. Make sure that your kid is not losing a lot of blood. It would be best to keep the broken tooth moist (in case it’s a baby tooth) and visit the best dental clinic in Houston. This way your dentist can assess whether the entire tooth got knocked out or a small part of it. In case of a chipped, cracked tooth they could possibly work on a dental implant.


  • How to remove tiny particles stuck in my teeth or mouth?

The best way to gently remove stuck objects would be to floss but make sure to not remove them using a pointed or sharp instrument. Even the tiniest bit of force can lead to a rupture leading to infection in the gums. The best decision, in this case, would be to wait and get the particle removed from an expert at union dental care.

  • What if I crack my tooth?

Firstly, confirm whether it’s a cracked ooth or a completely knocked out tooth. If it’s cracked, rinse your mouth with warm water immediately to clean the area. Later, treat the swelling by putting a cold compress on your face. Again, keep the tooth moist at all times if it’s a knocked-out tooth. In this case, you could try placing the adult tooth back in the socket. It would be best to place it between your gums and cheek so that it does not touch the root.


  • How to treat a toothache immediately?

Toothaches could be because of several reasons. This is why you must focus on reducing the intensity of the pain rather than “treating it” until you see your dentist. Start with rinsing your mouth with warm water. Follow it with flossing to remove tiny food particles or debris. Make sure to never treat your aching tooth or gums by putting aspirin in your mouth or else, it will get worse.

  • How can I avoid dental emergencies?

You can avoid a dental emergency by following some precautions-

  • Never tear open packages with your teeth. Always use scissors.
  • As pleasurable as it seems, avoid eating ice cubes, popcorn kernels, frozen hard candies, etc. This could lead to cracked, chipped teeth.
  • If you participate in recreational activities or sports then make sure to always wear a mouthguard before indulging.
  • How to treat my lip or tongue if I accidentally bit them?

Apply a cold compress immediately and make sure to clean the area gently so that there is no risk of infections. If you notice excessive bleeding, it’s your cue to visit your Houston dentist.

Dental Injuries, severe or minor, must be treated immediately, or else they turn into dental emergencies. Visit the best dental offices in Houston before the situation starts to worsen.

When we talk about oral hygiene, we find that Covid 19, fluoride, and flossing have prevention of diseases as their common aim.

Your oral health is directly related to your overall health. Best dental services have taken all the required precautions all through the covid-19 pandemic and to ensure you are safe and healthy. Along with many safety precautions that we all are supposed to follow during Covid 19 like wearing masks, social distancing, and proper sanitization another addition to this safety measure is the inclusion of vaccination.

As different covid 19 vaccines are being made available to the public at large, many people have certain concerns about getting vaccinated. So, below are the answers to some of the many common concerns regarding them.

dental clinic in Houston

Safety and effectiveness of the vaccines

It is very important to give authentic and scientific information to patients while recommending treatments. Although these vaccines were created in urgency, they are made keeping the scientific guidelines and thorough research. They were tested extensively to ensure their safety and reliability for patients. These medicines were authorized to be effective and safe for people after the FDA had reviewed the data from the tests.

Even now, the CDC is monitoring vaccination by various safety monitoring systems for you.

Vaccination Side Effects

Covid 19 vaccinations might have certain side effects that might bring you some discomfort for a short while, but getting covid 19 vaccination will in no way infect you with the virus. These vaccines have been designed to help your body battle against the covid 19 infections. According to experts at a dental care Greenspoint, there may be a possibility of having some fever or body ache as a side effect and this feeling of unpleasantness is a sign that the vaccine has been accepted by your body.

Get vaccinated

It is important for everyone to get vaccinated to help their body fight against the deadly Covid 19 virus. Even if you have been a victim of this virus, it is absolutely necessary for you to get vaccinated as natural immunity is not long-lasting.

dental clinic in houston

Union dental office suggests that it is important to get all the doses recommended to you. If it is two doses, please get the doze in the prescribed duration and make sure to complete the dose for maximum protection. If the vaccination you are going for is Pfizer, make sure you get the second dose after three weeks and if it is Moderna vaccine, the second dose should be taken after four weeks from the first.

Eligibility criteria

Anyone above the age of 12 is eligible to get vaccinated!

For all adolescents from age 12-17, the recommended vaccine is Pfizer and anyone above 18 can get any available vaccines.

Wear a mask

Getting yourself vaccinated will help you in enjoying most of the activities of the pre-pandemic times. Although the rules for wearing a mask have been relaxed, there are still some places where it is advisable to keep your mask on like hospitals and health care centers, the best dental clinic in Houston, while using public transport, airports, bus stands, and railway stations, places with large gatherings.

These places also include any places mentioned by the federal government.

Vaccination and Pregnancy

Getting yourself vaccinated will not affect pregnancy in any way. If you are planning to have a baby any time soon or after a few years, it is recommended that you get yourself vaccinated.

You don’t have anything to worry about.

Along with the above crucial information concerning Covid 19 and the vaccination criteria, it is also important to understand that vaccinations do not have any effects on your oral health. Dentists highly recommend proper oral hygiene and visits to your dentist at a dental care.

For any further queries concerning Covid 19 vaccination and oral health please consult your dentist at the earliest. They will guide you towards better healthcare.

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With the changing lifestyle choice, our teeth and gum health is at risk. How often you witness stains on your teeth? Well, most of us do have stains, and they could be of any color from yellowish to brownish. But wait, what about white stains on your teeth?

In this writing, we are going to discuss those mysterious white stains and how to treat them.

Fluorosis— Meet Houston Dentist For Solution:

We often witness stains on the surface of the healthy teeth due to damage enamel. But fluorosis is a bit different. In fluorosis, the white stain on the teeth appears due to overexposure to fluoride. When developing teeth get in contact with Fluoride, Fluorosis is what happens. Although fluoride does not harm the teeth, it causes uneven bleaching of teeth. It is always prudent to use small smudge of fluoride toothpaste for the toddlers and babies. While you can take a pea-sized swab for the young ones.


Another major cause of stains on the teeth is demineralization. Due to excessive exposure to acid use of braces and buildup of plaque in the teeth, demineralization could be the result. Due to demineralization, our teeth get deprived of essential minerals like calcium.

To avoid demineralization, all we need is to adopt healthy cleaning habits. Brushing the teeth twice and flossing could prevent the event like demineralization. You can consult with the best Houston dentist for the treatment.

Enamel Hypoplasia:

Having white stains on the teeth does not always rule out enamel issues. In some patients, the white spots on the teeth could be due to Enamel Hypoplasia. During this condition, the enamel on the teeth becomes thin and vulnerable to stains. Enamel Hypoplasia could develop in children due to premature birth, malnutrition, or drug abusive mother.

whites stains on teeth

Treatment For White Stains:

Prevention is always better than cure, and we believe in it. If you still witness the development of white stains on your teeth, then you can opt for one of the two procedures.

  • Microabrasion
  • Bleaching
  • Veneers

If you are living in Houston and want to find the best dentist in Houston, then all you need is to search for Greenspoint Dental. For the best services regarding teeth whitening, Houston offers some greater Houston orthodontics. In Microabrasion, the dentist will scratch away a thin enamel layer to give a uniform shape to the teeth. While in bleaching, you can whiten your teeth using chemicals. If you have some of the toughest stains on your teeth, then you can opt for Veneers. Veneers are the thin porcelain layer that a dentist applies on your teeth to give them a more uniform look.

Want To Treat Your White Spots?

If you are shying away due to your shite spots, then it’s time to bring back your confidence. All you need is to contact us today and let the top Houston dentist give you the best teeth whitening Houston treatment. So smile bright with your precious teeth and keep up your brushing and flossing spirit uptight. For the rest of the issue, we are here to ease you with the best orthodontic care.

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At A Dental Care, we are proud to offer personalized, high-quality dental care for patients of all ages. From children and teenagers to adults and seniors, we are committed to providing you with the comprehensive dentistry you need to keep your smile both healthy and beautiful for life.


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