Gum disease or periodontitis is a disorder that can affect millions of people globally. According to a recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 50% of Americans over the age of 30 suffer from some form of gum disease. The main problem with gum diseases is detection. The symptoms often go unnoticed unless you get an oral exam from the best dentist in Houston.

Gum Disease

Even though gum diseases are harmful to your oral health, they have the potential of affecting your entire body. Best dental care is important here since neglecting gum diseases can even lead to life-threatening health problems. With the COVID-19 pandemic, you don’t need more potential health conditions to worry about.

To help you realize the dangers of leaving gum conditions untreated Smilebest dental Houston shares some conditions that could develop.

Heart disease

Chronic inflammation anywhere in the body is the enemy. It can turn into a problem once your body begins attacking your healthy body cells. This can even be the reason that gum diseases are linked to various heart conditions.

  • As per the American Heart Association, people who maintain poor dental hygiene can be at more risk of getting heart disease up to three times.
  • Gum disease can negatively affect your blood pressure if you are hypertensive. It can also disrupt the outcomes of taking hypertension medications.
  • Scientists that conducted the Periodontitis and its Relation to Coronary Artery Disease or PAROKRANK study also discovered that gum disease can increase the risk of a patient getting a heart attack by up to 49%.

If you have any kind of inflammation in your mouth, it can even be related directly to heart inflammation as per leading cardiologists. The good news is that by treating gum diseases at Houston dental clinic, your heart treatment begins to deliver promising results and doctors often notice a reduction in blood pressure.


According to experts at Houston dental clinic, bacteria by nature can thrive when there is sugar present. High levels of glucose in your body can help bacteria in propagating which can further fuel these germs into attacking the gums and teeth, thereby causing gingivitis. Therefore, if you suffer from periodontal diseases, you have a high amount of infectious bacteria present in your body which can even increase your blood sugar levels and put you at the risk of suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

The bacteria present in your gums and your mouth can easily leak to your bloodstream and affect the immune system of your body. To defend itself and fight the bacteria, your body can trigger a sharp rise in your blood sugar levels.

As chronic inflammation is directly linked with gum disease, an increase in blood sugar levels could get hard to manage if you are already diabetic. Similarly, suffering from diabetes can even make it difficult for your body to fight against any infections, even gum diseases.

Rheumatoid arthritis

The bacteria known as Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans is commonly found in both rheumatoid arthritis and gum disease patients. This bacteria can trigger the inflammatory autoimmune responses of the defense system of your body that can make the proteins in your immune system overactive thereby inducing joint inflammation.

Alzheimer’s disease

Gum disease is even linked to an increase in your risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s. The bacteria known as Porphyromonas gingivalis or commonly P. gingivalis is found in your mouth when you suffer from gum diseases. Studies show that the same bacteria is present in the brain of a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is neurodegenerative. This common disease can affect up to  5 million people globally each year. It starts with memory loss that starts to worsen with time. Researchers have warned people against any health conditions such as gum diseases that can trigger the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.


Pneumonia, asthma, and COPD are other groups of health issues that are affected by gum diseases and the chronic inflammation that follows them. Any infection in your mouth and gums can trigger your immune system to get on a high alert. These infectious bacteria start to ensure that a full-body inflammation occurs that affects even your lungs and airways.


SARS-CoV-2 is a highly infectious infection that primarily affects your respiratory system and has an extremely high mortality rate. If you already have chronic inflammation in the form of gum disease, you naturally will have a higher chance of contracting COVID-19 and will be more prone to suffer from worse complications.


The bacteria in your gums that cause periodontitis have a lot of potentials to penetrate your body and prevention is paramount to avoid complications. It is often best for patients to visit their Houston dentist often. Dental clinics in Houston can diagnose gum diseases, prescribe treatment and keep a check on any underlying symptoms. By being aware of symptoms around your body right from the onset of gum disease, you can easily reverse it at an early stage.

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As we grow old, there are many changes in our body as well as our lifestyle. Hence, it becomes all the more important to take care of our overall health and especially our teeth. Regular dental care and the best dental services during your golden years are as essential as during childhood. The process of aging makes the mouth more prone to becoming dry and the risk of chronic health problems as well as diseases of the gums increases with age.

One of the common problems during old age is recession of the gums as well as dryness in the mouth. Both these problems make susceptibility to the formation of cavities and gum disease as the mouth starts producing a lesser amount of saliva for washing away the bacteria which are present.

It becomes important to practice regular and good hygiene for saving the teeth from further damage. It is recommended to fix an appointment with your dentist at Smilebest dental Houston at least two times a year for getting a regular dental check-up done and in case required, proper treatment can be given.

In case a dentist advises a low sugar diet, you can choose a sugar-free gum after every meal if you are not able to brush your teeth. Always ensure that any implants, dentures, bridges, or crowns are in a suitable condition, and in case there are any concerns, you can take a piece of advice from the best dental implant dentist in Houston.

Below are some of the common dental problems faced by senior citizens as they advance in age.

Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth

According to experts at Houston dental clinic, the flow of saliva tends to become less with age making the mouth very dry. Some of the reasons for this could be the treatment of cancer which uses radiation around the area of the head and neck or some other diseases. There may also be some side effects of many medicines that may make the mouth dry.

Darkening of Teeth

The teeth can get darkened due to certain changes in dentin which is the bone-like tissue below the tooth enamel. Regular intake of beverages and food throughout the life that cause stains to the teeth. Darkening of a tooth or teeth can indicate a more severe problem and the Houston dentist must be immediately consulted.

Decay of Root

There is no enamel for protecting the roots of the teeth and therefore, they are more likely to get decayed than the crown. When the root of the tooth gets exposed to acids that cause decay, it starts decaying at a very quick rate and one should consult the best dentist in Houston TX at the earliest.

Loss of Teeth

With the advancement in age, one is prone to a lot of gum diseases that can cause loss of teeth.

gum disease

Gum Disease

The major cause of gum disease is plaque. This situation can be worsened by many causes such as using tobacco products, dentures, and bridges that do not fit properly, teeth that are not cleaned or rinsed properly and have food particles left on them, unhealthy diet, diabetes, cancer, and anemia.

Stomatitis by Dentures

Stomatitis can be caused by a lack of good dental hygiene, dentures that do not fit properly, or the accumulation of Candida Albicans which is a kind of fungus. Stomatitis causes inflammation of the tissue which is below the denture.


Candida Albicans fungus also is caused by certain drugs or diseases which may have an effect on the immune system.

Uneven Jaw Bones

When the area of the mouth which is affected by tooth loss is not replaced by dentures or any other procedure, the rest of the teeth in the mouth begin to drift and occupy the spaces which are missing. This is one of the reasons for uneven jawbones.

Tips for better oral hygiene for seniors

Old age itself is not the only factor affecting oral health. There are other medical conditions like arthritis in the fingers and hands which can make brushing teeth or flossing them a tedious task and sometimes even impossible to do. Consumption of certain drugs may also have an effect on oral health making it necessary to have certain changes in the dental treatment.

Below are some tips to take care of oral health for elders.

  • Brushing and flossing the original teeth every day is very important for maintaining good dental health
  • It is advisable to use a toothpaste that contains fluoride for brushing
  • The mouth should be rinsed after every meal with a mouth wash containing antiseptic
  • Regular cleaning of the teeth and a thorough dental check-up should be done by a dentist near Houston.

Apart from this, it is a must to visit your dentist for best dental care at the earliest in case you notice any symptoms such as loose or sensitive teeth, any changes in the mouth which are recent, difficulty in tasting, chewing, and swallowing anything, any kind of sores, pain or bleeding, bumps or swelling in the mouth.

Gum diseases affect a majority of the global population but are not taken seriously as dental health is still in the nascent stages. Most of the people affected by dental diseases don’t visit their dentist for a consultation or treatment which causes severe problems in later stages of life. This trend needs to change and it will start with people being well-read about dental problems, their causes and symptoms, and the best dental services.

The worrisome part is that periodontal disease gets severe with age. This is proved right by the data provided by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) which states that 70.1% of adults 65 years and older have periodontal disease. Another staggering data by CDC reveals that 47.2% of adults aged 30 years and older have some form of periodontal disease.

Smilebest dental Houston lists some of the most common gum diseases with their causes, symptoms, and remedies.

gum disease


A mild form and one of the most common gum diseases, gingivitis is an inflammatory disease that causes redness, irritation, and inflammation of the gum around the teeth base. While gingivitis itself is a mild disease, if not taken care of, it can lead to more serious forms of gum disease and even the loss of teeth.

Gingivitis can be attributed to poor oral hygiene and it can be avoided by brushing your teeth at least twice daily along with flossing. Gingivitis happens due to the formation of plaque on your teeth that turns into tartar where bacteria can flourish. Once plaque has formed into tartar, it becomes difficult to remove the plaque. If not removed early, the bacteria start causing irritation to the gingiva which results in inflammation of the gums.

The symptoms of gingivitis include gum bleeding while flossing or brushing, receding gums, swollen gums, tender gums, dark red gums, and bad breath.

Chronic Periodontitis

Chronic Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease that is a severe gum infection that causes a lot of damage to the alveolar bone and periodontal connective tissues.

When dental plaque gets accumulated in large quantities, it results in chronic periodontitis. The most prevalent symptoms are bad breath, bleeding gums, pus between the teeth and gums, gums that are puffy or swollen, and bright red or purple which feels tender when they are touched.

The treatment for chronic periodontitis includes removing the deposits of bacteria and calculus from the subgingival environment using hand instruments or devices that are ultrasonic which can be used non-surgically or surgically.

Periodontal Abscess

Periodontal Abscess

A periodontal abscess occurs when the pocket of the puss develops in the gum tissues. This disease resembles a small ball that seems to be coming out of the gum which is swollen.

When there is a bacterium that causes infection between the gums and teeth. It is also caused when the plaque is not removed by flossing and brushing regularly. This can cause an infection or an abscess. Some of the symptoms are fever, severe and continuous pain in the area that has been affected, puss discharge, a loose tooth, pain while chewing, and sensitivity to cold or hot beverages.

The gum abscess is treated by draining it to remove any kind of debris in the periodontal pocket. Root planning or scaling may also be suggested by the Houston dentist which helps in removing tartar or plaque from beneath and above the gum line.

Perio-endo Lesion

Perio-endo lesion is a localized condition that can be attributed to bacterial infection caused by dental pulp, or periodontal tissues surrounding the tooth, or a combination of both. It takes the form of abscesses where the infection proliferates into the root canal of the tooth via the accessory canals.

The best treatment for perio-endo lesions is to undergo conventional endodontic therapy and should be followed by conventional periodontal therapy. In the event of the lesion becoming too severe for a treatment procedure, the only option that remains is the extraction of the affected tooth.

Gingival Recession

A gingival recession occurs when the tooth’s roots neck gets exposed due to severe or hard brushing, periodontitis, or other factors. This causes gingival tissue to recede. The main causes of gum recession are periodontal gum disease which causes the weakening of gums making them recede.

Another cause is genetics, people having thinner gums are prone to gum recession very easily. Tooth eruption is yet another reason. When a tooth comes outside of its bony housing which helps in protecting its root, the root can be exposed.

Gum recession in the milder stages can be treated by the process of deep cleaning of the area which has been affected. This is also known as root plaining or tooth scaling. In case the recession is too severe which cannot be cured by deep cleaning, the dentist will advise gum surgery for damage repairs.


As seen above, gum diseases need to be taken seriously instead of just delaying the visit to your dentist. If taken care of in time, gum diseases can be treated. Otherwise, it becomes too late and becomes severe, also causing additional complications. It is best to keep your oral hygiene in good shape and have regular visits to your dentist for the best dental care to ensure good oral health.

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Gum disease, also known as Periodontal disease, is a harmful condition caused by inflammation-causing oral bacteria, and it affects nearly 50% of the global adult population. The onset of gum disease can be attributed to the condition called gingivitis – where plaque starts to form on the teeth and the gums, causing inflammation of the gums. This can be identified by redness, swelling, and bleeding of the gums. According to experts at Smilebest dental Houston, if not treated on time, the bacteria can destroy the tissues connecting the teeth to the gums and bone, and this will result in tooth loss in the long run.

While gum disease affects a large global population, less than 3% of the people take any treatment for it. This can be attributed to the overall lack of information on the effect of periodontal disease on human health. Another reason is the prevalence of many myths or misconceptions about gum disease.

Let us bust some of the myths about gum disease below.

bleeding gums

Myth: Gum disease is a rare occurrence

Fact: Gum disease affects nearly 50% of the total adult population of the world. As per data provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), half of the adults of age 30 or more have suffered from some form of gum disease at least once in their lifetime. The risk of suffering from gum disease also increases with age and hence it becomes important to have regular dental check-ups and maintain oral hygiene.

Myth: Gum disease affects only your oral health

Fact: Gum disease not just affects oral health but can also lead to serious health risks and systematic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and complications in pregnancy. This means that if you notice bleeding while flossing or brushing, you should consult the best dentist in Houston TX, and get a check-up done to identify if there is an onset of periodontal disease.

Myth: Tooth loss caused due to gum disease is irreversible

Fact: While gum disease is the most prevalent cause of tooth loss in adults, it can be mitigated by making use of dental implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into the jaw to secure a replacement tooth. Dental implants are placed by the best dental implant dentist in Houston and are a comfortable and convenient permanent replacement for missing teeth. Scientific studies have found dental implants to be 98% effective.

gum disease

Myth: Bleeding gums can happen to anyone and is not that serious a problem

Fact: Bleeding gums are the warning sign for the onset of gum disease and should be taken seriously. If you see bleeding while brushing or flossing, or while eating certain types of food, immediately consult your dental professional and get a check-up done. If gum disease has set in, get treatment for it immediately, otherwise, you risk getting your entire health affected.

Myth: Gum disease affects people irrespective of their race or heritage

Fact: While anyone can get affected by gum disease, it has been known to be more prevalent in people of Hispanic and Black African descent as compared to those having of European descent. Although the real reason for this discrepancy is not known, it is speculated that this can be the result of different inflammatory responses in different ethnicities and the differences in the diet consumed by people around the world.

Myth: Gum disease can be identified easily

Fact: It is not so easy to identify gum disease because of the overall lack of information on the topic and the general callousness of the average human for their oral health. It is important to read up on gum diseases so that you are aware of their symptoms and can visit a dentist near Houston if any symptom of periodontal disease becomes visible. Actively participating in your oral health evaluation will help your dentist identify the changes occurring to your oral health.

Myth: Bleeding gums are caused due to brushing too hard

Fact: While brushing too hard can cause the bleeding of gums, it is entirely possible that bleeding gums are a sign of gum disease. If you see blood in your spit or after brushing your teeth, immediately visit your dentist. Avoid applying too much pressure while brushing your teeth. It is best to use a toothbrush with soft and round bristles.

Myth: A visit to the dentist is not required if there are no symptoms of gum disease

Fact: It is entirely possible for a person to not be aware that they have gum disease because most of the symptoms are painless and subtle. Hence, early-stage detection of gum disease becomes quite difficult. It then becomes important to have regular check-ups at your dentist to identify the onset of gum disease so that preventive steps can be taken immediately.

If unchecked, gum disease can cause serious harm to your oral health, and in general your total body health. The positive side to the story is that early-stage detection and treatment of gum disease at Smilebest dental Houston go a long way in restoring oral health.


A healthy heart is the key to a happy and successful life and a healthy smile paves the way to a healthy heart. Cardiovascular disease is one of the major causes of death in people. A lot of research has been conducted to show the link between good health and dental hygiene.

Dental clinics in Houston lay emphasis on Oral health and its link with diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and most importantly, cardiovascular disease.

oral health

Houston dental clinic on Gum Disease and Dental Care

Lack of good dental care leads to gum disease which causes a lot of inflammation. Poor dental hygiene can cause the formation of bacteria which can give rise to gum disease.

Gum diseases can be classified into two kinds. The first is Gingivitis, which is characterized by swollen red gums and the second one is the periodontal disease which affects the bone and tissues around the teeth and is a bacterial infection. The primary cause for both these gum diseases is when plaque which is a sticky residue gets accumulated on the teeth. This plaque allows the formation of bacteria which further leads to dental health problems like gum disease and cavities.

Periodontal disease is believed to be the main cause for enabling the bacteria to go inside the bloodstream which can be the reason for many heart ailments. People with a prevailing heart condition or a previous history of heart attacks are at a greater risk. This is why periodontal gum cleaning is significant when it comes to dental care.

Tips for a healthy heart

Having a healthy heart helps in the prevention of heart diseases and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Awareness about the various symptoms and causes of gum disease can help in preventing gum diseases and seeking dental help when required.

The various signs of gum disease are foul breath, bad taste, bleeding swollen gums while eating, brushing or flossing, missing or loose teeth which must not be ignored and treated at the earliest.


Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is a sure-shot way of preventing gum and heart diseases. Always try to include fruits and vegetables in as many colors as you can, carbohydrates, lean meat, and foods that provide all the nutrients that are required by the body.

Try to refrain from excessive sugar, carbonated drinks, and sticky food.

Fitness Regime

Following a regular fitness regime helps in staying fit and healthy and lets you maintain a fit and healthy body. A combination of weight lifting and cardio, as well as aerobics, is the best way for exercising and strengthening the lungs, heart, bones, and muscles.

Yoga and meditation help you remain calm and stress-free.

Abstain from smoking

Smoking is the major cause of many people getting heart disease and several other diseases. It is advisable to quit smoking to maintain a healthy heart.

When you quit smoking, you can start seeing the difference immediately. Every cigarette-free day is beneficial for your health.

Managing Stress

Leading a life of stress can be a major cause of increased cholesterol and high blood pressure which are the main triggers for heart disease. It thus becomes very important to keep your stress levels at a low and try to avoid situations that can cause a great amount of stress.

There are many techniques to combat stress such as taking deep breaths, sipping of water, laughing, visualization, going for a short walk, and more.

Regular Dental Care

Following a regular dental routine will ensure good oral health and help in preventing heart diseases. It is very important to brush your teeth twice a day, flossing, and using a mouth wash after every meal.

Taking good care of your teeth will help in ensuring healthy and strong teeth.

Dental Visits

It is always advisable to pay a visit to your Houston dentist twice a year in the least and get a thorough dental checkup done. It is also important to apprise your dentist about any heart ailment you may be having or you may be on any medicine.

One should not wait till the symptoms become prominent and the infection starts to get severe as this can lead to greater complications. One should keep a strict vigil on their oral health and immediately consult a dentist in case of any doubt.

Good dental health and oral hygiene are the keys to a healthy heart and body which adds life to years. Following the above tips will help you keep your oral health in check which in turn helps you in keeping your heart healthy.

Good oral health helps you reduce cardiovascular problems like a heart attack than those who do not maintain proper oral hygiene. Studies have shown that people who suffer from gum disease or have had tooth loss are at a higher risk of getting a heart attack and other heart problems.

Thus, make sure you maintain good oral health and regular dental visits to a good dentist in Houston TX.


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While tooth decay affects 60-90% of teenagers and adults (WHO), and tooth decay is the most common disease among children in the U.S. (AGD), there is good news. Tooth decay is preventable with proper care and daily attention.

Drs. Firoz Lalani, Manisha Lalani, Regan Joy, Ryan Menezes, Andrea Fernandes and Gregory Wilson are pleased to be able to help our patients in Houston, Texas, promote healthy smiles this festive Easter season with healthy basket stuffers!

Toothbrushes: Stock up on soft-bristled toothbrushes that are gentle on the gum line and tooth enamel. Kids sizes come in all kinds of themes to entice them to brush their chompers.

Toothpaste: Kids will do well with fluoride toothpaste to fortify enamel. Fun toothpaste for your child’s smile come in all kinds of fun flavors: strawberry, watermelon, cinnamon, bubblegum, citrus, berry and even chocolate anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste.

Dental Floss: Waxed or unwaxed? Flavored or unflavored? If floss doesn’t appeal to your child, maybe try interdental cleaners like picks or sticks to remove plaque between teeth.

Sugar-Free Gum: Freshen breath and stimulate healthy saliva production which bathes teeth and gums and washes away bacteria.

Whitening Strips: These can help refresh and brighten your teen’s smile.

Water Flosser/Oral Irrigator: If your child just isn’t flossing, consider investing in a water flosser.

Electric Toothbrush: If you are worried that your child or teen isn’t brushing properly, electric toothbrushes can provide ease of mind for you and effectively cleaner teeth for them.

At A Dental Care in Houston, Texas, we are pleased to part of the team helping you and your loved ones have excellent oral health all year round. To schedule a visit, please call today!


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Do you ever wonder why your dental cleanings are so important? If so, our A Dental Care dental team is happy to tell you why! There are many advantages to your dental cleanings and exams, like:

–They can deeply clean your teeth: The tools and techniques used during your dental cleaning are the only tools and techniques that can save your smile from gum disease. If you skip your appointment, your gums can become infected and you can also have loose and lost teeth if you don’t get the disease treated right away. The cleaning can also help prevent tooth decay.

–They can polish your smile: Once your teeth are clean, our team will thoroughly polish your smile and remove the minor stains on the surfaces of your smile. This can help you have shiny, clean, and attractive teeth, which could also help boost your self-confidence.

–They can detect and fix dental issues: During your cleaning and exam, our dental team will keep an eye out for any dental issues you have, like tooth decay, gum disease, and enamel erosion. If you have fallen victim to any of these problems, Dr. Firoz Lalani will discuss the next treatment step. In addition to your exam, your dentist will also look for signs of oral cancer.

As you can see, your six-month checkups can be extremely beneficial for your smile and oral health, which is why it’s very important to avoid delaying or skipping your appointments. So, if you’re due for your next checkup and you’d like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Firoz Lalani, please call our office at . We are happy to help you!


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A joke that is told often in dental practices goes “you don’t have to brush your teeth, only the ones you want to keep” and this usually sticks with clients. Brushing your teeth is important but not the only element in proper oral care. Flossing, using mouth wash, a proper diet, cleaning the tongue and regular dental visits are considered a comprehensive regime. Proper oral hygiene is important for maintaining not only the health of teeth but gums and overall health. Many people are unaware of the serious consequences that poor dental hygiene can have on your general health and more studies are investigating links between more serious conditions and poor dental health. A little prevention is better than a cure, so do not take lightly that brushing your teeth, flossing, using mouth wash, a proper diet and regular dental visits can help prevent the following illnesses:

Alzheimer’s disease

The University of Central Lancashire investigated the link between Alzheimer’s and oral health. Researchers compared brain samples from a small group of people with Alzheimer’s to samples of people who did not have the disease. They discovered something in common with the brain samples of people who had Alzheimer’s disease. The bacterium known as Porphyromonas gingivalis was only present in the sample of Alzheimer’s disease, the more stunning discovery is that Porphyromonas gingivalis is associated with chronic gum disease. Once the bacterium leaves the mouth and enters the bloodstream it damages functional neurons in the region of the brain related to memory.

Pancreatic cancer

Researchers at Harvard University concluded that men with a history of gum disease had a 64% increased risk of pancreatic cancer, when compared to men who had never had gum disease. That risk was even greater for men with recent tooth loss. The research was unable to definitively state whether periodontitis bacteria was the cause of pancreatic cancer but it has proven that there was a link between the two. The bacterium is associated with the affecting the tissue that support the teeth, causing bone loss around the base of the teeth.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease also seems to be linked to poor oral health. Periodontists have found that adults who are completely or partially toothless, are at a higher risk of developing chronic kidney infections and kidney failures, compared to people who have no missing teeth.

Pregnancy complications

Research has revealed that periodontal disease may increase the risk of premature birth and resultant low birth weight, it is therefore recommended that pregnant women who have periodontal disease schedule regular dental appointments from a periodontist.

Bacterial chest infections

People with gum disease or who do not practice proper oral hygiene have been shown to have more bacteria in their mouth, which leads to higher probability of developing upper respiratory infections.

Good oral hygiene is an important element to living a healthy lifestyle. Schedule an appointment today and take the path of prevention with proper oral health care. Adental Care has four offices in the Houston, Texas area and we have an experienced team ready to assist you with your questions or concerns. Please contact us at any of our locations below.

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Do you want strong and healthy teeth so you can have a beautiful and functional smile? If so, then it’s important to take good care of your teeth and gums on a regular basis. In order to do so, you need to do all you can to prevent the dental issues that can alter the condition of your oral health. Those dental issues are:

–Enamel erosion: Enamel erosion can cause extreme tooth sensitivity. It generally occurs when you eat and drink acidic foods and beverages. The acid in the products can wear away your tooth enamel and expose the sensitive layers of your teeth. It’s important to strengthen your teeth with fluoride and avoid consuming acidic products as much as possible.

–Tooth decay: Tooth decay is a serious dental issue that can cause severe pain and can alter your oral health. This problem usually develops when you have poor oral hygiene habits. If you don’t remove the bacteria, food particles, and plaque from your smile, there is a chance they can attack your teeth and cause cavities. If the cavities are left untreated, it can result in root canal therapy or even tooth extraction. It’s best to avoid this dental issue by brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, rinsing daily, and visiting Dr. Firoz Lalani every six months.

–Gum disease: Gum disease is a dangerous dental issue that needs to be prevented at all costs. You can prevent it by brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and visiting Dr. Firoz Lalani twice a year. The cleaning and checkup is vital because it involves the only treatment that can completely remove the plaque from on and between your teeth, which is the substance that causes gum disease. If you don’t prevent and treat gum disease, it can result in receding gums and loose and lost teeth.

If you would like more tips, details, and information on how to prevent dental issues in Houston, Texas, please call A Dental Care at and schedule an appointment with Dr. Firoz Lalani at your earliest convenience. When you come into our office, we’ll give you the tips and information you need to succeed!

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