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It is very important to brush your teeth two times every day for maintaining good oral health. There are certain areas in the mouth where the toothbrush is unable to reach. Experts at Smilebest dental Houston suggest that it is very important to floss along with brushing at least one time during the day for maintaining healthy gums and preventing teeth from decaying. Many a time people do not floss regularly or avoid doing it even though they are aware that flossing is good for maintaining oral hygiene.

water floss

What is water floss?

A water flosser is an oral irrigator that can help in replacing traditional flossing. It is a device that is powered by a motor and a stream of water is released from its tip with a lot of pressure which can help in removing the debris and cleaning the area around the teeth.

According to experts at Houston dental clinic, there are certain flossers that have different tips that can vary the spray as well as the pressure of water for cleaning different parts of the mouth. The tips can be of different kinds such as a tip for cleaning the tip, a tip for using every day, or a tip for being used on orthodontic braces. A water flosser having multiple tips helps in enabling all the people in the family to use it hygienically. It is important to change the tips from time to time just as we change a toothbrush, whether it is a manual or an electronic one.

There are some water flossers in which you can mix mouth wash along with water which helps in enhancing your oral hygiene.

Traditional flossing

Water vs. Traditional flossing

The best dentist in Houston TX suggests that water flossing can help in pushing out the large amounts of plaque and debris, but is unable to remove the thin layer of plaque from the surface of the tooth. The traditional way of flossing allows you to scrape the sides of your teeth in the vertical direction using floss.

Water flossing along with using a toothbrush helps in improving gingival health. Water flossers are also good for cleaning the area around implants and metal braces cleaning thoroughly. Traditional flossing helps in removing the debris of food and bacteria.

As compared to the traditional way of flossing, less hard work is required during water flossing.

A complete oral health regime must involve all three processes regularly. This includes brushing of teeth, water, and traditional flossing for the best result.

Working of water flossers

Water flossers can be used for removing plaque and particles of food from the teeth. These devices are held in a hand. The device is needed to be filled with water before starting to use it. After you have switched it on, streams of water are emitted from it. These streams of water can be positioned in the mouth for cleaning the area along the gum line as well as between the teeth.

Importance of water flossing

People who find it difficult to use string floss which is the traditional way of flossing can use water flossing as a substitute. Water flossing is also beneficial for people having Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other complications involved in the hands who find it difficult to use string floss between the teeth.

 Advantages of water flossing

There are many advantages of adding water flossing to your dental hygiene regime such as

  • You can control the water pressure of the water flosser as per your requirement.
  • There are certain water flossers that are cordless and can be carried conveniently where ever you travel.
  • Water flossers are very effective in cleaning teeth that have braces in them as they do not have strings that can get caught in between them
  • Water flossers can be re-used and do not leave any kind of plastic waster after they are used making them environment friendly.
  • Water flossers are very beneficial for people who have undergone dental procedures as they clean the teeth very gently and effectively.

 Disadvantages of water flossing

Along with the advantages, there are some disadvantages as well.

  • As a water flosser requires a good amount of space, having a smaller bathroom may act as a disadvantage
  • Certain water flossers are difficult to carry as they are very bulky
  • A water flosser can only be used in places where there is easy access to water and electricity as they need to be charged.
  • A water flosser is on the expensive side as compared to a traditional floss

Water flossing is an effective way for cleaning the bacteria, plaque, and debris between the teeth. Before you decide on the method of flossing, whether it is water flossing or the traditional way of flossing your teeth it is advisable to consult your Houston dentist who will advise on the right kind of flossing after examining your oral health.

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Taking an orthodontic treatment early on is an excellent way to find out any problems that may be developing in your child’s mouth. When your children are young, it is beneficial to get their teeth fixed through best dental care as it can help you fix many health issues they might be facing. There are a plethora of benefits to orthodontic treatments.

Here are the best benefits of getting your child orthodontic treatment at Smilebest dental Houston.


Early Identification

The best dentist in Houston for your child will be one of the first doctors who can determine if there are any critical issues in the development of your child’s jaw and mouth. In a lot of cases, finding these problems early in life can save your child from future complications that might require a potential surgery in the future. Even if your child’s condition does not require immediate treatment, your orthodontist will be able to follow their condition. They can track your child’s development and ensure that their jaw and teeth get properly aligned so they do not have to face any problems in the future.

Improves Confidence  

It is natural for kids these days to deal with self-esteem issues when they grow up. If your child has crooked teeth, it can potentially get in the way of building their self-confidence. The trouble with teeth can even cause if not worsen any insecurities that your child may have. Your child can manifest negative feelings related to their appearance and in particular their smile.

Getting braces can allow your child to regain their confidence especially when they know that a perfect smile and straight teeth are just around the corner. Children who go for conventional metal braces can also make the most of their orthodontic treatment. Nowadays braces are completely customizable. You can change the colors of the elastics as often as on every appointment.

Through best dental services your kids can easily turn their braces into fun accessories that can make them feel more confident in the long run.

Helps with Speaking

If your child deals with some difficulty speaking, speech therapists rarely link the condition to their teeth. If the jaw or the teeth of your child are not aligned properly, it could be the root cause of their difficulties with speech.

Mispronouncing, slurring, and lisping alphabets such as ‘T’, ‘S’, are the most typical impairments when it comes to speech. However orthodontic treatment can be very beneficial. When you pay attention to correcting the alignment of your jaw and teeth when they are still in their development is the most reliable way to make sure that this problem will not follow them throughout their life.

Lowers Risk of Tooth Decay

When your child has straight teeth, they will be able to achieve better oral hygiene with less effort. They will be able to clean their mouth properly and get to those hard-to-reach areas that host most cavities. They will also be able to floss easily. According to dental clinics of Texas children who have crooked teeth are more likely to get frequent tooth decay since they are much harder to brush and maintain. Crooked teeth do come with serious health risks for your child. Most children are recommended to consult an orthodontist before the age of seven. Preventive dentistry and braces are some of the most dependable ways to make sure that your child is on the way to the best possible oral health.

Improves Digestion

With straight teeth and a completely aligned jaw, your child will be able to chew their food with ease. Breaking down food into smaller pieces is most beneficial for digestion. Better digestion is very helpful in the overall development of your child. If the teeth of your child need to be aligned, dental offices in Houston might recommend getting braces to optimize their teeth placement, and help get better digestion.

Reduces Teeth Grinding 

If your child suffers from neck pain and frequent headaches, it may be a sign of teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is very common among children whose teeth need alignment and is generally done subconsciously. Your child may not even know that they practice teeth grinding. However, teeth grinding is a serious problem that can cause future health concerns if not taken care of at an early age. With the help of elastics and braces, your orthodontist will ensure that the jaw of your child shifts back to the location of optimal placement and relieve them of any uncomfortable symptoms associated with the problem.


When your child develops and starts to lose their baby teeth, their permanent teeth start to come through. This is the most favorable time to get your child orthodontic treatment. Braces can guide their permanent teeth into their best location. With their jaw and teeth align, your child will unlock the secrets to good oral hygiene, better digestion, and great overall health through best dental services.

A good set of teeth can do wonders for your personality. Our teeth lay a prominent role in our lives and thus it is very important to take care of them and to also ensure that they are strong and healthy. They give shape to our face, help us to chew our food and digest it, they also help in making our speech clear and to talk.

A good smile is a great confidence booster and has a lot of impact on our careers, social lives as well as relationships. But for people who do not have a perfect set of teeth, there is no need to get disheartened as there are a few options such as getting clear aligners from Invisalign and braces that are preferred by people.

In case you plan to go for Invisalign treatment, there are some factors that can be taken into account before fixing an appointment with your Houston dentist.

Get to Know These 4 Things About Invisalign Before Trying It

crooked teeth

Treatment for crooked teeth

During the Invisalign treatment, the patients’ teeth are straightened over a period of time by using clear aligners by the dentist. A digital treatment plan is customized for every patient which begins with the original smile of the patient and gradually works towards the desired alignment of the teeth.

After consulting with the best dentist in Houston TX, they will develop a treatment plan for you. Then you will be given your aligners to be worn on your own.

Invisalign Process

The Invisalign treatment involves a series of clear aligners which come in different shapes that will be given to you by your dentist. these clear aligners will be most effective if they are worn 20 to 22 hrs a day. They can be taken out for eating, drinking, or for cleaning purposes. You will be told by your Invisalign dentist how often you need to change the aligners.

They are changed by most patients once a week or once in two weeks. The period between this change in aligners is based on the customized treatment plan.

Aligner Care Techniques

The aligners can be cleaned with a toothpaste and toothbrush or a cleaning solution. Always ensure that you brush after consuming food before you put back the aligners in your mouth as the food particles may leave stains on them which require cleaning.

Ensure regular cleaning of your aligners in between each meal to make them last a little longer and avoid any oral health problems.


Invisalign as a Preference

Smilebest dental Houston always recommends the appropriate orthodontic alignment based on your choices and requirements. Many patients opt for Invisalign treatment for their teeth due to the following benefits.

Invisalign aligners can be removed prior to eating or drinking anything which helps in preventing any damage or staining caused by food.

Invisalign aligners provide more comfort and are irritation-free as they are made of a much comfortable material as compared to the traditional braces. Hence, the more preferred by patients.

Invisalign is made of clear material and customized to suit your dental requirements making them easily fit into your mouth. This makes them less prominent in appearance than braces.

Invisalign Eligibility

Invisalign aligners can be safely used by older people as well as teenagers who want to get their teeth straightened. A Teen series is also offered by Invisalign which has blue dots in their aligners that gradually fade with regular wear. This helps parents in ensuring that their teenage child is wearing them on a regular basis.


The approximate time taken for a complete treatment of Invisalign is around 6 to 12 months. There may be a variation in the time taken depending on the requirement of the patient. But generally, the time taken does not exceed that taken for traditional braces.

Flexibility in Payment

The payment for Invisalign treatment can be done using a number of options. You can pay either using payment plans or use your health insurance. You can get in touch with your insurer or insurance agent who will help in creating a payment plan and also guide you on the amount that will be covered through your plan.

Other options include card payments, EMI, or any of the online payment options depending on what your dentist accepts.

The state of a patient’s teeth, time taken for the treatment, and the number of aligners required determine the cost for the Invisalign treatment.

Our teeth are a very important asset of our personality that along with helping us chew our food properly, give shape to our face which also helps us be more confident and hence it becomes important to care for our teeth maintaining good oral health.

Hope this above article helps you make the right decision and considers all the advantages and important points as well as answers all your queries before fixing an appointment at Smilebest dental Houston to get the Invisalign treatment.

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